Tuesday, 27 September 2011

One A Day Rainbow

Well a week has passed and I haven't felt as productive with my blanket since I started doing rounds instead of little squares, so it hasn't changed dramatically since last week!
I am really please with it, and even my fiancé is really liking it too. Although he commented last night while I was crocheting away that he liked the side that doesn't show the double crochet ridges, and it made me wonder what side should be the 'showing off' side....or if it is simply reversible. What do you guys think?
Apart from that I must dash off, I have an interview for a little part time job today and need to brush up a bit for it (I really really don't like interviews...i babble A LOT when I am nervous). Wish me luck!!
If you would like to see others that are participating in One A Day/Tuesdays Tally, check out the group on Ravelry and Gingerbread Girl's blog! It is really good to get those hard to finish projects on a roll :D

(Edit : I have just been offered a full time job as a Laboratory Technician and start next monday!!!! Not even for the people I had an interview with TODAY!!! That means I can't be a student anymore, but I can earn a living yay!)
(Further Edit : This means I can have monies to buy pretty wool!!!!! *bounces in happiness!*)

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Making Something You Pinned

Recently I have started using Pinterest, and I have realised a lot of you crafty people also use it. There are so many tutorials, patterns and recipes that are on Pinterest. Having all your interesting things together in one place and visually, is simply amazing!

I am going to give myself a challenge of making something I have pinned, as I have so many things in my Crochet Ideas folder that I want to I am going to make a start! Plus it means I can practice many different things too! Not just crochet but any kind of idea he he (Could also be good for christmas ideas as well).
This pattern is the first one I attempted, mainly because my sister fell in love with them and wondered if I could make them for her. So this is what I have got here.
The small coaster (cup sized coaster) is the one I got by following the pattern, although it is slightly chunky because of the wool I used but it is still pretty! The big one was me doing the pattern with a slight modification, and I got to say...I think I like it. Teapot coaster you reckon? 

For you guys that haven't been on Pinterest, it requires you to have an invite to use it so if you would like an invite (via email) let me know and I can help you out.

Friday, 23 September 2011

FO Friday - Jar cover

I haven't got a lot to show you this week, as I have been working on various projects and none of them being close to finished. Though I did finish my second jar cover that I showed off on Wednesday.

I practiced my popcorn stitch here, I think it looks really cute! Now it is a part of my little crochet area that I seem to have going, I love how cute and colourful everything looks together.
On to another topic though....

I have decided to start a group up on Ravelry, although not totally sure about it as I have never done this before. It is a group for all those crafty people out there that really like Little Woollie's blog and her creations. If you haven't heard of her, you should check her blog now as her stuff is stunning! 
If you feel like joining a little group and sharing things related to Little Woolie, check out my Admiring Little Woollie group on Ravelry. It's just for fun really :)

Back to the subject of FO Friday, if you would like to see others that are participating or would like to join in yourself, check out Tami's Amis blog where all the FO fun is at :)

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Crochet and Cookbooks

I know it was only WIPW yesterday, but I can't wait until next week to show you what I have done with this cushion cover! I am in love with it, and it is Little Woollie inspired, can't wait to see how I make the rest......squeeeeeeeeeeee!
Even though I enjoy my crochet, I also love my food!
This is a lovely idea created by Natalie in Misadventures in Craft, who has come up with the valid points about cooking that I can relate with. We have cookbooks with lots of delicious meals in them, yet we rotate our well known trusty meals each week. I go through phases of making things from a cookbook, but I would love to try something new regularly every week or so.

I haven't yet decided what I would like to do, but I am sure I can fill you in with something yummy when I post my first challenge. Although Tink from Master of a Thousand Things is also taking part in this challenge, so be sure to check her out too :)

Now I am going to go and make myself some brunch, as seeing all these ideas is making me hungry!

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

WIP Wednesday

Before I show you my WIPs, I have to say  that today has been a fairly interesting day...I am now once again, a student.

I had the offer to do a Masters degree in Biotechnology, and also had a funded spot (which aren't available for everyone)....but I wasn't going to start it, as I would prefer to have a full time job or a PhD. However after several months of not seeing any PhDs that I would be interested in, or any decent friends convinced me to do the Masters degree which lasts a year, as I wouldn't be any worse off than I am sitting in the house poor with no income.

So yeah....I am now a postgraduate student (It's still not sunk in). It also dawned on me that I will have less time for crochet...oh noes!!!

Speaking of crochet, here are my WIPs for this week...another two new things, it seems I have the start-new-projects-but-don't-finish-old-projects syndrome he he.
This little strip is the start of my own cushion cover, I don't know what I am doing with I am not following a pattern he he, but I want to try and be creatively random.
Another cute jar cover on the way, I have nearly finished this one....just need to add a green stripe and do the rest of it in teal :) I needed a jar to hold the pretty origami bouquet my friend made me.

Time for din dins since I am so hungry and tired, can't wait to see everyone else's WIPs!! If you would like to see others that are participating in WIPW check out Tami's Amis blog, and if you think it looks fun you can join in too!

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Rainbow One A Day

I have been a bad girl this week and done most of my One a day activity yesterday, tsk tsk I know....So it pretty much turned into six a day he he, but the main thing is that I got it done for today right?

Though I am getting pretty excited about how it is turning out, as it looks like it is coming together really well! I am just going with the flow on this blanket, I don't have a plan as to how it will turn it will be a surprise to me as well as you guys.
I have thought of doing some rows of granny borders, and then possible adding more squares around the edges so it sorts of breaks up the squares a little....again I am not sure.
I just love how pretty it looks up close, I read in a book that you can join things together using dc and that is what I did. At first I wasn't sure of it as I thought it would be too raised up, but now I see it gives my blanket a wee bit of character :)

Lastly I wanted to show you my own little rainbow colour wheel, this helps me choose which colours I want to crochet together. I have started picking them in correspondence to what order they are in the green, yellow and orange....or red, pink and purple. It seems to work pretty well compared to randomly picking balls of wool from my collection :D

That's me for One A Day this week, hope you enjoyed reading and I appreciate everyone's loveliness. If you would like to see more people that are participating in One a Day you can check either Ravelry or Gingerbread Girl's blog, and even join in the fun if you like it!

Sunday, 18 September 2011

YoP - Frogged

I was enjoying that hot water bottle cover so much, but what this silly cookie forgot to do was modify it to the size of her own hot water bottle, at first I though it was a bit short and I could fix it by adding more rows to the length...but no, turns out my water bottle is too wide for it as well. *sighs*
Determined to finish it and possibly just use it as a pyjama bag, and then start that project all over again and modify it to my least I can say I know how it goes (then I can share that pattern)
If you would like to see the hot water bottle cover it is in my WIPW post, so you can check it out there if you like.

I have started my second YoP but it has to stay a secret, as it is a christmas present.....but I am going to show you a close up, to show you how it is looks with that gorgeous wool I got the other day.

This is using Vanna's Choice, and the colour is is a very nice wool to work with and it feels really soft and defined!

That is me for today I think, can't wait t see everyone elses blog to read! You will find people participating in Year of Projects on Ravelry and  When Did I Become a Knitter's blog, so check them out!

Friday, 16 September 2011

Crochet Nostalgia

Visited my dad's house this afternoon to collect some wool, and I found an old crochet blanket in my cupboard that I thought I had thrown out years brought a sense of nostalgia to me, as my mum made this for me when I was young and this was my inspiration to learn how to make a granny blanket.

As its over ten years old and has been through the wear and tear of my youthful years, it has gotten a bit tatty, my new found love of crochet makes me want to mend this blanket some how. At least it shows that crocheting is in my genes :)

Also I mentioned in my FO post that I would take a photo of the mustard yellow wool I bought, and this is it below. I am very excited to have it as this is my first purchase of really nice wool....It is Mustard by Vanna's Choice, and I am using it to make some things for my sister possibly for christmas!!

Yay for christmas projects :D

FO Friday - Ta Dah

Hello everyone, it is Friday again and its time to show off the things I have completed this week.

I have fallen in love with this little jar cover I made! I have yet to make one for my second jar but that will come :-) I now even have the temptation to make covers for lots of different things..just to brighten up my house!

I have been spending most of my time this week getting the baby blanket finished.....I think this is my first proper big project that I have completed so I am really pleased. I really like the edging around it but I am not sure if I like how bumpy it is...could this be fixed with blocking? (Edit - the wool is soft acrylic).

Going to my dad's house today as I ordered some wool for some christmas gift projects, and I can't wait to pick it up..its a vibrant mustard yellow, so when I get it back home...I shall take some photographs of the wool and show you  in my next blog :-)

If you want to see other peoples' FO's, head over to Tami's Amis, where you can see many other great projects and even participate yourself if you haven't joined in before :-)

Happy FO Friday!

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

WIP Wednesday - Love of Colours

It is that time to show off my works in progress, from last week I have only really worked on my snake and my two blankets have been hibernating (this I shall need to fix). Although like many others, I have no problem picking up other projects whilst having a good number on the go.

Mr Snake has had a few colours added on to him, and he is 16 inches now compared to his 10 inches last week. This means I still have roughly another 20 inches to make him grow to his full size to function as a door draft excluder.

The next thing I am working on, are rather small projects thankfully...two jar covers. I have decided to de-clutter my shelves of pens etc and using these jars to be a bit more organised and also a bit more colourful. I am using the pattern that Attic24 is showing us, as she is kind of my idol crocheter at the moment.

My hot water bottle cover is currently getting a border around the edges to bind all the sides together, this is also part of my Year of Projects.

That is all I have to show for this wednesday :) Now to see what awesome things that others are making, you can check other people by going to Tami's Amis blog

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Granny Square Love - One A Day

A week has passed already, and I have been doing a little bit of my granny square project as I promised. I am glad I joined this group for this project as it is turning out to be a bigger task than I had anticipated it to be, so my one a day gives me the motivation to do a little bit each day.....whether its a small square or two, I do the amount of crocheting I can do with it each day.

It is fairly growing though, at the moment it has 5 big squares and 14 small ones....and I am aiming for 12 big squares now, although not sure how many small squares that is.

This big square has got to be my favourite ^_^ of course it is, it is very rainbow colour!

Oh I have to show you guys this..I met up with one of my friends on Sunday, who is also quite crafty, and she has made me a little something.

An origami bouquet which she made by herself, it is so beautiful and I was touched that she made this for me. I love that she can pretty much make her flowers in any colour, as you know the wide array of colour paper that is available. I think she is addicted to buying paper as much as I am addicted to buying wool!! I have considered using an origami bouquet for my wedding in 2013 as it is very unique feeling and you wouldn't need to worry about flowers etc.

She doesn't have a blogger, so the best place you can check her stuff is at her folksy where she selling her origami work.

For those crafters that would like to take part in the One A Day activity, the best place to find information is at Ravelry or Gingerbread Girl's blog .

Happy One A Day to all the crafters :)

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Things of Comfort

This will be the first time I have participated in A Year of Projects, but I have made a list of things I want to make from some crochet crafty books that I have. My list can be found in the tab 'Year of Projects' above and the first one I decided to start on was the hot-water bottle cover. I decided to do this project as I thought it would be a great way of introducing myself to bloggers that also take part in this group, and also because the winter is approaching which means my hot water bottle will start coming to bed with me at night. 

I thought it finally needed a small makeover. I started the project on Friday and I am pretty close to finishing it already, which pleases me ^_^. I can't wait to start on the green border once I have finished the last 5 rows of the red.

That's my little piece of craftiness for the Year of Project so far, I have also been having fun with the little creature is supposed to be a kitty, I am not sure if you can see that. She hasn't got a name yet, have you guys got any suggestions?

I created her using this pattern as a guide, using it for when I needed it and the rest of it is just me adding my own little bits to it. That's my craft activity for the weekend so far, now to get ready and go to a wedding fair with one of my friends, mmmmm wonder how many samples of cake and sparkly I will get to sample this time he he.

Friday, 9 September 2011

FO Friday - Sister's Red Hat and Cowl

Today I can show you the cowl and hat I have made for my sister for her birthday ^_^


The hat took me very little time to make thankfully. Although the cowl must have taken me a week to do, even though it is a simple pattern, it is quite a big piece to do....I am pretty sure i crocheted around 23 rows possibly, I know that doesn't sound a lot. I find it easier to make several things in small pieces to make a big thing (Like my One a Day blanket).

I hope she likes it as much as I do though.

Happy FO fellow bloggers ^_^

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Storing My Stash

Since I am pretty new at crocheting, I didn't have a lot of wool storing my stash was never a problem. Although recently, my stash kind of increased with my excitement of wanting to crochet many different things and I had no where to put it, leaving my living room looking cluttered....

The picture shows what my space usually looks like if I am working on things, and I was tired of looking at it so I went in a hunt today through charity shops to find something to contain some of my stash in.

After searching several different charity shops I didn't have any luck, all the baskets I seen were filled with things for sale..

Until I got to the last shop, Cancer Research...I seen a basket that I fell in love with....but it had wool in it that was for sale, this made me sad. My friend said they might sell it, as it is profit for the we asked the lady and she consulted in the other sales assistants.

I got it for £3, I was so delighted with it, so that has made my day.

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Work-In-Progress 1

Hello, I have decided to join in on the WIPW fun as it will give me the chance to show you the projects I am working on at the current moment.

So here is my WIP for this week:-

The first project in progress is a blanket I am crocheting for my sister, who is expecting a baby boy on 29th January. Since I can't afford to buy her or the baby anything expensive, I decided to make a baby blanket for her. I am going to make it 3 feet by 3 feet as I read somewhere that this is a good size for a baby blanket.

This is the colourful stripey tail of Mr Snake, I am making this for a friend who wants a pretty draft excluder for her door...So I need to make him at least 35 inches long and currently he is only 10 inches, so it will be a while before he grows to the size I need him to be..but can't wait to see how the rest of his stripes turn out.

My third project is a hat I am currently making with two different colours of DK, which are red and purple. I am making these for fun, and also for selling.

Lastly this one is my chunky picasso blanket...there are different colours in this but my camera hasnt picked up on the detail colour very well. I am making this for when the winter nights draw in and I will need something cozy to wrap myself in....I want this to be the size of a double bed, but we will see.

But that's my collection for this week, Happy WIPW everyone.

For anyone who wants to join in on WIPW, the image at the top has a link to Tami's Amis blog, where you will find the information you need to participate with the rest of us in showing your works in progress!


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