Thursday, 22 September 2011

Crochet and Cookbooks

I know it was only WIPW yesterday, but I can't wait until next week to show you what I have done with this cushion cover! I am in love with it, and it is Little Woollie inspired, can't wait to see how I make the rest......squeeeeeeeeeeee!
Even though I enjoy my crochet, I also love my food!
This is a lovely idea created by Natalie in Misadventures in Craft, who has come up with the valid points about cooking that I can relate with. We have cookbooks with lots of delicious meals in them, yet we rotate our well known trusty meals each week. I go through phases of making things from a cookbook, but I would love to try something new regularly every week or so.

I haven't yet decided what I would like to do, but I am sure I can fill you in with something yummy when I post my first challenge. Although Tink from Master of a Thousand Things is also taking part in this challenge, so be sure to check her out too :)

Now I am going to go and make myself some brunch, as seeing all these ideas is making me hungry!


  1. Hi Hazel. I LOVE that gorgeous cushion at Little Woollie! I do hope I win. Yours is looking stunning already. Can't wait to see this finished. Wising you a happy weekend. :)

  2. exciting color combination :-)

  3. Love the different stitches you are using as you go. Definitely takes it from being something plain, to being something quite interesting:)


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