Thursday, 8 September 2011

Storing My Stash

Since I am pretty new at crocheting, I didn't have a lot of wool storing my stash was never a problem. Although recently, my stash kind of increased with my excitement of wanting to crochet many different things and I had no where to put it, leaving my living room looking cluttered....

The picture shows what my space usually looks like if I am working on things, and I was tired of looking at it so I went in a hunt today through charity shops to find something to contain some of my stash in.

After searching several different charity shops I didn't have any luck, all the baskets I seen were filled with things for sale..

Until I got to the last shop, Cancer Research...I seen a basket that I fell in love with....but it had wool in it that was for sale, this made me sad. My friend said they might sell it, as it is profit for the we asked the lady and she consulted in the other sales assistants.

I got it for £3, I was so delighted with it, so that has made my day.


  1. The colors of your yarn are all so pretty!!

  2. Thank you Deb, it was Attic24's work that inspired me to buy some colourful wool! I love making different colour combinations!

  3. It looks really cute with all that colourful yarn in it :)

  4. Haha, I know your problem so well. I have a huge basket for all my yarn and it is hard to close it sometimes. I still want to create space in one of my closets for my yarn. Putting it in a neat place, sorted on color along with my beads, ribbons and fabrics....sigh. A girl can dream right ;-).

    It would look something like this:

    Sigh again :p

  5. Awwww Suzanne that would be amazing! I would dream of that for sure, you would never have trouble looking for the colour you need!

  6. Love the basket, all your yarn looks lovely! Thank you for visiting and following my blog and also thanks so much for the very sweet comment! You made my day!

  7. That's a pretty basket, it shows off your yarn nicely :)


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