Saturday, 3 September 2011

Wedding favour pouch

I have seen several ideas for wedding favours, boxes, mesh pouches, netting....all the different ones to decide from. Trying to keep planning of the future wedding simple, I have attempted the possible idea of having crocheted drawstring pouches, it would be low costing and doing something I enjoy.

I seen a pattern on ravelry that suited the idea I have in mind, simple and small. Crochet away I go, thinking this is going to be a nice size for a wedding favour pouch...

....but little did I know that when I started crocheting more of it, that it was going to end up a bit bigger than I had anticipated. I kept going with it, as its practice and if I like the outcome I can always adjust the pattern to a size that I would like.

After a few hours of crocheting, and some other things in between I finally completed the pouch and put some wool drawstrings in....which i need better practice at. This is what I ended up with, and I think if it was smaller as its about 3inches wide, it would make an adorable wedding favour pouch and I can make them in the colour that I want....

I was thinking ribbon or a different colour of wool for the drawstring if it is for wedding favours, I shall need to wait and see.

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