Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Work-In-Progress 1

Hello, I have decided to join in on the WIPW fun as it will give me the chance to show you the projects I am working on at the current moment.

So here is my WIP for this week:-

The first project in progress is a blanket I am crocheting for my sister, who is expecting a baby boy on 29th January. Since I can't afford to buy her or the baby anything expensive, I decided to make a baby blanket for her. I am going to make it 3 feet by 3 feet as I read somewhere that this is a good size for a baby blanket.

This is the colourful stripey tail of Mr Snake, I am making this for a friend who wants a pretty draft excluder for her door...So I need to make him at least 35 inches long and currently he is only 10 inches, so it will be a while before he grows to the size I need him to be..but can't wait to see how the rest of his stripes turn out.

My third project is a hat I am currently making with two different colours of DK, which are red and purple. I am making these for fun, and also for selling.

Lastly this one is my chunky picasso blanket...there are different colours in this but my camera hasnt picked up on the detail colour very well. I am making this for when the winter nights draw in and I will need something cozy to wrap myself in....I want this to be the size of a double bed, but we will see.

But that's my collection for this week, Happy WIPW everyone.

For anyone who wants to join in on WIPW, the image at the top has a link to Tami's Amis blog, where you will find the information you need to participate with the rest of us in showing your works in progress!


  1. Yes, 3 feet by 3 feet is the perfect size for a baby blanket.

    That snake is the only kind I would want to see in my house.

    You have an interesting array of projects going.

  2. You've got some lovely WIPs on the go! I love them all, but I particularly love your snake and your chunky picasso blanket - it looks lovely and warm and snuggable already :)

  3. That snake is gonna be so cute :)

  4. Hi Hazel! Nice to see you stop by at my little blog. Love that you are in your 20's as well! Crochet and knitwork is NOT for grannies! Moehahaha, we'll show the world how cool it is thihi. Well, I am of course a follower now of your blog.

  5. Wow, you have had a really busy week, the snake is going to be fantastic, such bright colours, it would be a great leftovers project (I am looking at my door and thinking hmmmm, rainbow snake now :D)

  6. So nice of you to make a baby blanket - she'll love it! That snake will be super cute - can't wait to see him done!

  7. I also read that 3 feet square is a good size for a baby blanket. It's looking great so far!

  8. A baby blanket is a perfect gift and I also think the size will be just right!
    Loving your snake too, very cute!

  9. I love a big granny square :-) The snake is a fantastic idea - now why didnt I think of crochetting a draught excluder when recently buying one!

  10. Is that Robin Picasso Chunky ? I just made my DD a sweater with that: lovely and soft, nice color changes :-)

  11. Hazel, I'm back :-) See what the Coolmint colorway looks like:

  12. Lots of colourful things! I think your sister and your nephew will love that blanket!

  13. Hi great blankets !! ( lovely colours ) ive join up today as well . its a lovely idea !


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