Tuesday, 4 October 2011

One A Day Rainbow Blanket

Hello guys, here is my progress for one a day this week....just doing a border just now where I do two rows of each rainbow colour...I am on yellow just now, so the next colour will be green, then blue, then purple. After that I may add more squares, think this is gonna be a big one :)
My first day at work went pretty well yesterday, although my legs are aching as I am standing or moving about all day. To think I was going to start up the gym again, don't think I need to now :)

Keeping this short and sweet, but going to try and see everyone else's work. If you would like to see other people that are joining in the one a day fun, you can check out the group on Ravelry and also Gingerbread girl's blog.

P.S What wool/yarn would you recommend for me to buy? I have mainly been using Robin's wool as it is affordable so I don't really know what the good ones are...all opinions will be appreciated :)


  1. Looking so colorful, your going so fast! I envy you!

  2. Hi Hazel! Good to hear that your first day of work went so well! I hope you can get used to all the standing and moving the whole day.
    Your colourful blanket always cheers me up! :)
    Have a great day! Barbina

  3. Your blanket is one of my favorites. Hope you like your new job.

  4. Looks great! My legs aches after work too, I must walk miles :)

  5. It's looking wonderful - so cheery! Glad your first day went well and I'm sure your stamina will improve in no time at all :)

  6. love this blanket!! total YUMMYNESS :)

  7. Okay, gonna try commenting for a 3rd time... Love your blanket! Great colors. I think once we get settled in our new home I will join the Ravelry group. Hope everyone has a great day!

  8. The blanket looks great, lovely bright colours. I have found starting at work to be good exercise too :D
    Yarn wise it is a bit tricky to recommend, what sort of thing are you looking for? Any particular weight?

  9. Looks great! Those colors are so pretty together.

    I unfortunately don't have a recommendation for wool yarn. I don't use it that much.

    Have a great day!

  10. It's coming along nicely! I've fallen In love with a wool acrylic blend yarn called
    Cozy Wool.

  11. Wow, the blanket is super cool.

  12. Well, I'm a big fan of style craft special because the range of colours is good and it's widely available. I am very cautious about internet ordering because it's so hard to judge the colours.
    I also like many (though not all) of the King Cole ranges.
    Your blanket is a knock-out, the colours are fab.

  13. I love the colours as you know in your blanket especially the red. Are you going to do squares all the way around again?

    If it is Robin acrylic you've been using, I would also recommend style craft as it is so reasonable but lovely and soft. You are probably familiar with it as a lot of people have done their attic 24 stripes in style craft.

    Glad work went well, that's great news!

  14. Your blanket is just wonderful, eye-candy. Look at all those colors - so happy.
    I love a good, superwash merino: Lorna's Laces, Spud & Chloe, or Malabrigo Rios. If you're lookin' for a wool/acrylic blend, I use Encore Worsted also; my One-a-Day is out of that b/c my little one is super messy.

  15. Your blanket's looking great - I love the borders you're doing.

    If you're happy to use acrylic then I'd definitely recommend Stylecraft Special DK - it's a great price, comes in a really good range of colours and is actually pretty soft for acrylic too.

  16. I love the blanket it looks finished but it's cool that you're doing more!

    Stylecraft Special DK gets my vote :-)

  17. It's looking fab, perfect for Autumn evenings. I'm glad your first day went well, always a good sign. If you want to treat yourself I love Debbie Bliss or Rowan wools, they are both good quality and lovely to crochet with.xxxx

  18. The border is really pulling it together. It's looking good. Will you be making more panels the same as this and joining them together or adding the next squares to the current border? I would also reccommend Stylecraft DK. It's affordable and comes in a great range of colours, and is widely available. Like commented above be careful when buying online, colours often look different on screen to real life, but with Stylecraft it's an affordable mistake and can be added to the stash for another project. I would recommend simply browsing your local markets and yarn shops to find what you like in your price range.
    Kier x

  19. Love the larger squares that you are using.

    As said earlier stylecraft is good value for money but you do need to watch the colours when buying online - I brought what I thought was a tangerine colour but ended up florescent orange!

  20. I love rainbow colours. There's something so life affirming about them.

    I'm partial to rainbows and granny squares myself.
    Great job Hazel, I can't wait to see it when it's done.

  21. If you love rainbow colours as much as I do then you'll love Stylecraft Special DK! Great colours, soft on the hands ( I can't use Robins, too rough on my hands) and great price!!! Try masons needlecraft shop they do a Lucy pack of lovely colours! Fast delivery!
    Your blanket is really looking great, well done you!!!


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