Tuesday, 22 November 2011


 I have noticed my lack of blogging in the past few weeks, although recently with Christmas just around the corner....I am not finding much time, and I am sure many of you will be the same.
Although my crochet hasn't been abandoned, its just not being blogged about as I feel I am not making big amounts of progress on things for it to be worth showing you.
For this blog post I am going to dedicate it to lovely Christmas things I have found and added to my Pinterest

       Source                                     Source


   Source                                         Source


Since I have not been able to share my love of crochet, sharing my love of Christmas seemed the ideal thing. 
Can't wait for December so I can put my lovely tree up again!! This year, I am going to make my own mulled wine too!

Monday, 7 November 2011

One A Day - Blanket Loving

Decided to start early this week to make up for my absence of crochet last week, and its been a great start since I managed to pick up the wool I ran out of! I have completed the blue rows around the border and I am now onto the purple! This has only been since Sunday!!
In the time I haven't been able to crochet the border around my blanket, I have made 25 little squares although I dread working out how many I actually need!!!

I also picked up some Robin's picasso chunky wool for my nana blanket, it makes me a little sad since she passed away last month with an aggressive cancer of the blood. I was making the blanket for her christmas as I thought it would have been great for her to have something warm. I am going to finish it and keep it, and it will always be my nana blanket.
Nana Blanket

Its also been a kind of mixed feeling weekend for me, trying to have fun watching the fireworks on Guy Fawkes night....but it's been 8 years since my mum passed away, and today it should have been her 51st birthday. I know I am usually a cheerful person, and I don't mean to make people sad...but if you knew my mum, she was an awesome person....and it is hard sometimes knowing an awesome person isn't in your life day-to-day any more.

I really appreciate everyone that comes by my little blog and enjoys seeing things that I have fun in, and I really enjoy seeing other peoples' blog, reading what they have to share.

To visit others that will be taking part in the One A Day weekly fun, check out Gingerbread Girls blog....though people post their posts on a tuesday, but I am posting mine just now as I am on nightshift this week. 

Saturday, 5 November 2011

No Crochet Goodness

I resisted the temptation to cram all of this week supposed posts into the one blog post, but then I decided I will start afresh my blogging routine next this week has pretty much took a rain check.
Thankfully even though with my variable work rotation, I have still managed to crochet every other I am not falling behind at all.

Though with time flying into Christmas time I have realised I am not going to be able to crochet all the christmas presents :-(

Since I wont be sharing any crochet goodness this week, I am planning just to content myself at looking at other peoples' crochet/knitty goodness instead.

Hope you are all keeping well x


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