Saturday, 5 November 2011

No Crochet Goodness

I resisted the temptation to cram all of this week supposed posts into the one blog post, but then I decided I will start afresh my blogging routine next this week has pretty much took a rain check.
Thankfully even though with my variable work rotation, I have still managed to crochet every other I am not falling behind at all.

Though with time flying into Christmas time I have realised I am not going to be able to crochet all the christmas presents :-(

Since I wont be sharing any crochet goodness this week, I am planning just to content myself at looking at other peoples' crochet/knitty goodness instead.

Hope you are all keeping well x


  1. Life gets very busy doesn't it? I've just made a christmas makes list and it's totally unachievable. Ah well, we can but try (and then do panic christmas buying in the end anyway).

  2. I think everyone feels a bit the suddenly realise that time has whizzed by and you can't do it all. To be honest though, it's just aswell to realise this now and not have a big meltdown at the end (that's more my style!)

    Look forward to seeing your lovely colourful work when the pace is a bit better!

  3. I say the same thing every year. Although I am always busy some times are even busier! Last year around this time I panicked and started crocheting all sorts of hats, scarfs and then ended up with xmas ornaments for trees. They were a bit hit and very quick to whip up too. Everyone is hoping for more this year but not sure how I will even get time for those. Heres hoping! :-) I may just have a couple of Ta-dah's this week. least one, the other one may or may not make it. LOL


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