Monday, 7 November 2011

One A Day - Blanket Loving

Decided to start early this week to make up for my absence of crochet last week, and its been a great start since I managed to pick up the wool I ran out of! I have completed the blue rows around the border and I am now onto the purple! This has only been since Sunday!!
In the time I haven't been able to crochet the border around my blanket, I have made 25 little squares although I dread working out how many I actually need!!!

I also picked up some Robin's picasso chunky wool for my nana blanket, it makes me a little sad since she passed away last month with an aggressive cancer of the blood. I was making the blanket for her christmas as I thought it would have been great for her to have something warm. I am going to finish it and keep it, and it will always be my nana blanket.
Nana Blanket

Its also been a kind of mixed feeling weekend for me, trying to have fun watching the fireworks on Guy Fawkes night....but it's been 8 years since my mum passed away, and today it should have been her 51st birthday. I know I am usually a cheerful person, and I don't mean to make people sad...but if you knew my mum, she was an awesome person....and it is hard sometimes knowing an awesome person isn't in your life day-to-day any more.

I really appreciate everyone that comes by my little blog and enjoys seeing things that I have fun in, and I really enjoy seeing other peoples' blog, reading what they have to share.

To visit others that will be taking part in the One A Day weekly fun, check out Gingerbread Girls blog....though people post their posts on a tuesday, but I am posting mine just now as I am on nightshift this week. 


  1. something tells me your gonna need more than 25 little squares, and if i may, can i suggest that the people closest to you crochet the missing squares? i think the blanket would mean more that way :) our friend Claire made a cusion like that with all of her friends patches! it looks awesome! just a suggestion tho :o) x

  2. I'm sorry to hear that this is a difficult time of year for you. I'm sending virtual hugs in your direction and hope that you can find some solace in your craft. Your nana blanket will be a beautiful way of remembering her and I am sure your mother would have been proud of you for thinking to make it for her. Your One A Day project is looking stunning. X

  3. im sorry to hear about your nan,I remember i was making a special treat in my nans garden for her but she died in hospital. i wish it had been something i could of kept like your blanket. aaarrhh you can cuddle up to your nanas blanket when you need her. big hugs to you hazel ,and dont work too hard !! love karen

  4. ((((HUGS)))) Your Nana blanket is sure going to be a special keeper. Sorry that its a sad time for you. I love your one a day progress, its going to look fantastic! I had not noticed before how thick the wool was as when you are holding it, it makes the stitches look much bigger. Love it!

  5. Sending hugs and love to you, it sounds like you need it.

  6. Your projects are all looking super. Keeping your nana blanket sounds like a super idea, you can wrap up in it like a giant hug

  7. It will be so therapeutic working on your nana blanket for you. I know working on a cross stitch my mum started was for me. My mum passed away earlier this year so i understand that feeling of loss that comes with losing great people I send you lots of love and kisses on this day. Your blankets look great love the dressing gown ;)

  8. *hugs* Right there with you wee sis. Love you xx

  9. Your blankets are beautiful, especially your nana one. Thinking of you.

  10. So sorry about your nana, as others have said it's lovely that you are continuing with your blanket as it will be so special when it's finished. Your projects are all beautiful and your mum would have been proud of your talent and creativity I'm sure.

    It's funny as someone else has mentioned, seeing you with your blanket gives it perspective I've not noticed before, I didn't realise it was so chunky, I better it is super warm.

    Hope you have a good and restful week!

  11. Sending you lots of hugs right now, Im sorry its such a difficult time. Your blankets are both lovely and I know for me sometimes when IM working on projects its kind of like therapy- just restful thinking time.

  12. Hello, Just discovered your blog - love your colourful crochet blanket x I am working on a similar one from a pattern called Dollyas in dolly mixture sweets. I love all the bright colours.

    Leah x

  13. *hugs* to you, Hazel.
    Love that bright, Granny Square blanket. Your nana would have loved hers and good for you to finish it and keep it.


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