Saturday, 24 December 2011

The Christmas Post

I can now finally write my most Christmassy Christmas post, since I was able to upload all the lovely photographs! I am feeling so cheerful writing this post while the Christmas Muppets film is on TV!! Only one more sleep in my new christmas pyjama's before I can open all the presents, and have a wonderful christmas day with family!
This is my lovely christmas tree, which I put up on the 10th December, which is shockingly late for me as I always traditionally put my tree up on the 1st as that is what my Mum used to let me and my sister do. I have purple and gold decorations, although I am tempted to change them to red and gold next year, to make it even more festive!
Check out my pot of lovely oranges and spices in heated up red wine, this was the first time I made my own mulled wine... although I had to sieve it several times since I accidently put too much spices in.I still got to enjoy it with some yummy homemade baked treats which was made by my christmas swap blogger Joey.Though tonight I am cheating a bit as I bought a bottle of mulled wine from Icelands he he, but hopefully it still tastes yummy minus all the mess of creating your own mulled wine. 

Speaking of my christmas swap blogger, this year I participated in a Christmas Goodie swap that was hosted by Hookin' With Laalaa. The idea was to make a handmade Christmas decoration, plus sending an extra 5 bought/handmade treats which Joey and I decided to include a home-made foodtreat! I had an amazing time participating in this swap and I am delighted to hear that Joey loved my treats to her, check out her post on the Christmas swap!!
I will first show you the lovely little angel that she made for me as a christmas decoration, isn't she adorable. I love all the different fabrics that Joey has used to make her, especially her dotty little legs. Oh, and she has little white wings made from a lovely ribbon...Doesn't she look so happy here?!
I felt very honoured to be sent such a lovely handmade decoration like this, it looks very difficult to make! A very talent made little gift!
Can you tell I love her?! I want to give her a name!!
As well as my lovely angel decoration, Joey sent me these lovely fingerless mitten which are so cosy and I received them just at the right time as it got really cold and snowy in Scotland!! I also received a Keep Calm and Carry On Teapot cosy and its right at home in my kitchen! 
Joey also sent me a lovely long silver necklace and two pairs of cosy fuzzy bedsocks, which have been keeping my feet very warm in the cold night times!! I thank Joey so much for being my swapping partner in this Christmas swap, it was fun!

Lastly I want to show you what my sister Lisa made for Andy and I for Christmas, we got it as an early present mainly because we would have lots of chocolate to eat if we opened it on Christmas. My sister told me that she made this using soft wool felt, and it was all sewn by hand!

Since I am not great at sewing, I can definitely marvel at how wonderful she has done the numbers on all the little hearts. Lisa was that determined to have it lovely that she attempted the 20 something numbers three times!!
Even my little Joey Angel seems to like the advent calender, or maybe its the chocolate eclairs she is eyeing up?! Think I will be keeping her away he he.
I really appreciate her doing this for me, and it will be great to have an advent calender that I can use every year! Which is something that is becoming a little family tradition as you can see my sisters advent calender in the photograph below!
When I get older and start having children of my own, then they can use our advent calender. Thank you so much sis!

That is my festive contribution on Christmas Eve, although now to go and make some lunch since Gordon Ramsay is on TV talking about a Christmas feast is leaving me feeling peckish.

Another Merry Christmas everyone!

Friday, 23 December 2011

Busy with Christmas Things

It's time to 'relax' as I am off work until 5th January, yay!

Though I am not really relaxing, only catching up in the last minute rushing about doing last minute details for christmas. I must say under our christmas tree is looking glorious, all the presents for Andy and myself.
I feel totally spoiled, how awesome do all those presents look...and they go all the way to the back *dances with excitement*. This is why I could never get tired of christmas! I know its not all about presents, but they are exciting!

Yesterday was my first day off work, and I spent it meeting up with friends in the morning, then my sister and aunt for lunch, and then had a lovely unexpected dinner at my brother-in-law's sisters house! The most amusing thing I remember from yesterday was sewing up ends on a Christmas crochet present on a train, surprised I didn't stab myself with the needle he he....I was very proud for doing a neat job on a moving vehicle.

Today I am meeting up with another friend for more last minute shopping and to swap presents with her, then I am out tonight for drinks with my fiancé's family. I am indeed a busy girl.

I really hope all of you guys are having a wonderful time, and if I don't have to say it then I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

P.S. Since I don't have the time to blog lots, I tend to use my twitter lots you can follow me there, for more in the moment tweets :-) Go here, and let me know so I can follow you too!

Friday, 16 December 2011

A Lovely Nomination

I got a wonderful surprise today when I was reading my comments to my last post, when all4meggymoo mentioned that I should visit her blog. She has given me a nomination for Leibster Blog award, and I thank her very much for it as it certainly made my day! The award goes to lovely blogs that have less than 200 followers, and once you receive an award, you then need to give it to 5 people you think deserve it!
It will be a tough choice picking lovely people for the award as I read so many lovely blogs, but I will pick the blogs that I enjoy reading the most!

These blogs are the ones I enjoy the most, so I hope you visit their blog too! 

Thank you so much for the nomination!

Hope you all have a nice day!

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Just some things

I have been wanting to write a blog post for the past few days now, including wonderful photographs from my camera but I have managed to lose my camera cable!! So a proper blog post will appear from me soon, when I get another I have lots of lovely Christmas things to share with you.

Though I do have one thing to show you, I have been crocheting my rainbow blanket slowly.
I have taken this with an older camera, it doesn't do my blanket much justice. Decided to keep repeating the rainbow stripes as I wasn't excited about attaching small squares (Maybe they can be another project).
I am not sure how much I have done compared to the last time I posted about this blanket, I have certainly not done enough to meet the requirements of one a day he he...more like one day a week :)

Hope all you guys have been taking care and are looking forward to Christmas!


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