Saturday, 29 December 2012

Christmas FO

Hello, I hope you have been keeping well and enjoying the holidays! I have been a busy person between working and getting christmas projects finished...very stressful! I have completed several christmas projects and I am going to show you one of my favourites.

This christmas present is a gift that I made for Andy's mum, to go with some of the colours in her livingroom. I made this based on an overlay mandala pattern I had for the front design and the rest of it I made up as I went along. The overlay mandala part of the cushion was the easiest part, crocheting to make the front and back meet however provided a challenge for me. I definitely did fudge it a little, hooking two stitches from the front into one at the back. It took me a month to complete this one as I was crocheting it in turn with all the other projects I had to complete as well!
Yarn: Stylecraft Special DK (Teal, Sunshine)
Debbie Bliss Cashmerino DK (Terracotta - 18014)
King Cole Baby Comfort DK (Baby Peach)
& Wendy Sorrento DK (Cream)
Hook: 4mm

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and that you all received lovely gifts! Here is what I got for christmas from different friends, I can't wait to browse through them for project inspiration in 2013!!
Take care!

Hazel x

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Giveaway winner

Last night my festive giveaway ended, and the lucky winner is


Could the lucky winner contact me this week via email on with details, when you email could you also tell me what colour of rose rings you like most from the photo in my giveaway post.

Thank you to all those who joined in and followed me on my blog and facebook!

Now I am off to do some crazy christmas crocheting again.

Edited 10/12/12 - I have chosen a new winner as I haven't had any contact from the first chosen winner, and time is limited for sending things in the post due to the christmas season. The winner is now:-

Andria from McGreen Experience


Hazel x

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Festive Giveaway

Hello! Hope you are all well!

Wink from A Creative Being has put me in the festive giving mood with her holiday giveaway, so here I am with my own festive giveaway. It has been a great year for my little blog, and it has really helped me feel really happy with crochet. Although this couldn't have happened without you my dear blog reading friends! Wink has even been lovely enough to give away two of her gorgeous rose rings for my giveaway, how cool is she?!

So here is what you can win!

1. Two lovely rose rings from winkieflash at A Creative Being.

2. Two skeins of Sirdar Softspun yarn.

3. Patchwork Family pattern booklet from Rico Designs (I love Bruno the bear).

4. A little Scented felt kit.

5. Some of my own handmade stitchmarkers that I have just recently learned to make!

To get the chance of winning all of this, all you need to do is comment on this post. To increase your chances of getting these, you get an extra entry for tweeting, facebooking or pinning my giveaway. All I ask is for you to leave a comment for each thing you do, so that all your entries are counted.

The giveaway is open for a week and the winner will be chosen next Tuesday, and is open to everyone in the uk and internationally :-)

Take care and good luck!

Hazel x

Friday, 23 November 2012

Ta dah! Granny Square Cushion

An unexpected colourful finished object for this week. 
I am not sure if many of you will remember this project, it has been an unfinished WIP since January!! My very first blog post of 2012 mentioned this as my first project of this year. It is now nearly the end of the year, and I have just finished it this week. 
While I was tidying this up, I have realised my crochet has improved quite a bit since January. My tension feels looser and I didn't know how to tidy up the ends either. However I can definitely say I still have a good sense of colours, which hasn't changed (not trying to be big headed).

I hope you all have a great weekend, to see more FOs pop over to  Tami's Amis blog!!

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Experimenting With Beads

Good afternoon, I hope you are all having a lovely weekend and keeping wrapped up warm! This weekend for me has been quite nice, as Andy and I went to the Christmas Market in Glasgow which started on Thursday when the Christmas lights got switched on. It is a yearly tradition that we will go into the market and find the Bratwurst sausage stall, as they are so tasty and much better than our hot dogs on a bun! We spent a great day together, and I managed to get a few more bits and pieces that I needed.
I want to share with you some of the crafty things I have been experimenting with, if you follow me on Instagram you will have seen photographs already. 

This morning I got in the mood to make a shawl pin using some of the beads that I have managed to collect which are a bit too bulky to be stitch markers. It was very challenging to do, and much more fiddly than making stitch markers. For my first attempt I am rather pleased with it!

During the week I also made some blue/green Aqua Drop stitch markers, and managed to get a decent photograph of them in the artificial light. I think I will need to get some more clips as these ones seem to be fine for DK, but they are a bit small for chunkier wool like the Stylecraft chunky that I recently used for my hat.

I am hoping to do a little Christmas Blog Give-away at the end of November, so keep popping back to my blog to see what I might be giving away! 

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!x

Friday, 16 November 2012

Quickie Ta dah FO

Hello! Hope you are all doing well. Tonight, I have a finished object to show you! At the beginning of the week, I didn't even know I would have this FO considering it didn't even exist as a WIP on Wednesday. I know, I know, I am being all excited and cheerful.
Yesterday I decided to pop into my local wool shop for a browse, as I fancied a little treat. I didn't know what I wanted and I didn't know what I was going to make! The shop owner took the opportunity to tell me that she had the newest wool from Stylecraft, and I fell in love with this colour as it is a cerise/turquoise blend.

Last night I got it on the hook, crocheting a simple hat and not using a pattern. 
Then earlier this evening, I realised that my hat could potentially be a bowl. As I have seen bowl patterns before and thought they looked quite nice. Although I decided to keep hooking on, and I am glad I did.
As you can see....Ta-dah! My new hat, which I will get to wear tomorrow my first Christmas market of this year! Excited!!! I may get Andy to take more photographs tomorrow when we are outside!
PatternImprovised, simple hat with treble st.
Yarn: Stylecraft Harlequin Chunky
Hook: 6mm
I hope you all have a great weekend, to see more FOs pop over to  Tami's Amis blog!!

Monday, 12 November 2012

Christmas Craft Ideas

Hello, I hope you are all well. I am here to share some Christmas craft ideas that I have found on Pinterest, as I am not able to show you the progress of my current projects as they are all secret!! Sadly my Rainbow Hexagon Blanket is hibernating as well, but once Christmas is over I am sure I will pick it back up again. Now onto Christmas craft ideas from pinterest!

Christmas Baby Elf Crochet Baby Hat

All of the photographs have links to the patterns underneath except for the baby hat, I just had to share with you because it is super cute and I am going to figure out the pattern for it! I wonder if my sister would mind me making this for my little nephew?! 

Do you have many Christmas projects lined up?

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Gothic Holiday, Crochet and Beads

Last week I was away on a little holiday down to Whitby in England with Andy and one of our friends, and it turned out to be a lovely week away. We stayed at a cosy 3 bedroom cottage for the week, and it was great! Here are some photos of the living room, our attic bedroom, the kitchen and the little wood burner (which I loved to pieces!)                     

This is the lovely panoramic view from our bedroom window, I managed to capture this one morning. It was very relaxing to gaze out in the morning.
We chose to go to Whitby for the week, as there was a Whitby Goth Weekend where there were gothic, victorian, steampunk markets and stalls. There were many fascinating things to see, and it was amazing to see lots of people in victorian costumes.
On the Friday and Saturday night, there was entertainment at the Whitby Pavilion where live bands performed. I wasn't sure what to expect of this, as I was being stereotypical and thought it would be metal bands screaming but it wasn't like that at all!
I was going for the victorian gothic vibe while Andy went for the cyber punk style. This was a very common theme at the festival!There were even young children dressed up for the event! 
When I go next year I want to have a proper full outfit! Whether it be victorian, steampunk, pirate or something like this girl is wearing (stunning huh?).
Even though I went on holiday, crochet was not forgotten! I think being on holiday helped me crochet a lot more, as I crocheted in the morning before going out exploring and in the evenings when settling down. Here is a little bit of my holiday wool pornography!
Once I got home, I received some lovely beads in the post for making crochet stitch markers as I have been using paper clips to mark my stitches. This was hopeless since they kept falling out! My first attempt was using little star beads that I ordered, but I found them a little bit awkward to use because of the top point of the star. 
Then I used these lovely beads, and it has been less fidgety and the beads sit lovely. I found the assortment of purple beads on holiday, and I loved the variety of different ones in the little bag! No more using silly paper clips hurray!
I apologise for posting lots of photographs but I wanted to talk about everything as I have been away for the whole week, and can't wait to catch up with all the other blogs!

It is WIP wednesday, so go check out other peoples' WIP at Tami's Amis blog

Friday, 2 November 2012

Little Miss Stripe 2 FO

I have finally completed the second set of Little Miss Stripes, this is a purple version which will be for little person number 2's Christmas. The first set I completed in August for little person number 1, and I started hooking the second set right away.....somehow it has taken me a two months to complete the purple set...oops!
The Pink Little Miss Stripes

To see FOs from other people check out Tami's Amis blog!

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

One A Day - Rainbow Mosaic

Hello! I have been I missed out One A Day last week and I haven't contributed much to this weeks!!
I have completed nearly a full row since two weeks ago, and I have been very distracted by other projects. Some Christmas projects which I can't share, and some personal ones which I shouldn't have started as I am supposed to be doing christmas projects ONLY!! It just shows you that I can't resist the urge to cast on something new!
To see other One A Day projects, check out Gingerbread Girl's blog!

Friday, 26 October 2012

Glittering Stripes FO

Yarn: Sirdar Softspun DK - Amethyst & Jet Black
Hook: 4mm

Hello! It is not often I get a finished object, mainly because I cannot be monogamous with my crochet projects! I started this scarf at the beginning of September and it has taken me a month and a half to complete it! In my defence it is a very long scarf, it measures approximately 86inches long and 5 inches wide it is perfect for wrapping around my neck twice. I think I have made it in perfect time for the chilly weather, as it has been getting very bitter the past few days.

To see FOs from other people check out Tami's Amis blog!

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Rainbow Mosaic One A Day

Hello! It is Tuesday again and I have done a little bit more on my hexagon blanket. I think I was only on row six of my hexagons last week and this week I am on row 7!
Although I have to keep my post short today as I have a driving lesson soon, and I want to enjoy my warm cup of coffee before I have to go back out into the cold weather again.

To see other people's One A Day projects, check out Gingerbread girl's blog where you will see lots of other lovely things!

Friday, 12 October 2012

Sunbeam Competition

Hello! I don't usually ask for favours on my blog, especially when it isn't anything related to wool or crochet.

However, I have entered my lovely 8 month old nephew Zak into the Sun's Sunbeam competition and I wondered if you could take the time to click on the link to his photograph and like/tweet it for me. I would be honoured if you could.

Hope you are all enjoying I Love Yarn Day :)

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Scarf and Secrets WIP

Trying my hardest to get my Glittering Stripes Scarf finished, whenever I say its only got two more rows to go...I feel it should be wider and say I will do an extra two. Hopefully I will only have TWO more to do he he. As I do want to wear it very soon.
I have started another project using very small granny squares, this will be a christmas present I I am not sure if I will be able to show you the full thing until after christmas!
I think a lot of my WIPs from now until christmas will be christmas things, so the main project you will mainly see is my Rainbow Mosaic blanket that I am crocheting hexagons for.

Check out Tami's Amis blog for WIPages from other people!

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Rainbow Mosaic - One A Day

Hello! It is Tuesday again, which means I get to show of my progress with my Rainbow Mosaic Blanket. I will be honest, I think my progression has slowed down since last week, I have only done a few hexagons here or there. 
This is my most recent photograph of it, and my count is approximately 69 hexagons. Considering I have only been crocheting this for a few weeks, I think 69 hexagons isn't a bad number at all! I am definitely pleased with how it is turning out too.
To see other people's One A Day projects, check out Gingerbread girl's blog where you will see lots of other lovely things!

Sunday, 7 October 2012

A little more on Jess

Looking through my photographs of Jess, I discovered one that I took on the weekend that we decided to keep her. 
I didn't realise how thin and unhealthy looking she actually was until I got Andy to take a photograph of her with me.
Doesn't she look so happy and healthy now? Amazing what a few weeks of TLC can do for a furry little animal, although I don't think she is a hundred percent.
However, she has definitely settled in :) Isn't she adorable?!


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