Monday, 9 January 2012

The 2011 Stash

Everyone seems to be counting and looking at their current stash, which urged me to look at mine and also all of the projects I had in hibernation.
This is the stash I have from 2011, I counted roughly 40-ish as there are some balls that are already hooked. I can definitely say there will be plenty wool getting turned into squares to keep those little babies and children all warm.
Though I am unsure what to do with these balls of wool, as I was given them and I find the stuff too difficult to work with as it is very stringy and too fluffy to see what I am doing with it. Do any of you like using this stuff, if so I would be happy to give it to you.
Some hibernating projects were thrown out and some revamped into something else, one example is the wavy scarf I started to make, which never got any further...... turned into a groovy little phone cover. This made me feel a bit better! I think today I could firmly say that I made sure it was out with the old and make space for the new ;-)


  1. This is a very beautiful phone cover. I like the colors very much. Thank you and best wishes..

  2. Good idea on converting that project.
    Nice stash there too!

  3. Clever idea to turn that into a phone cover, it looks great! And pretty yarns, I love how you have a rainbow!

  4. The fluffy novelty stuff would be great for toys, if you had the patience to work with it. I've been itching to give it a go.

  5. I've found some of my own yarns to be too hard to handle before. I just hate the waste from finding out you can't use the yarn.

  6. That is a big stash. I'm too scared to look at mine! And I hate that fluffy white yarn. I bought it for a project and couldn't work with it at all.


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