Sunday, 29 January 2012

Mish Mash Sunday

Recently I have been getting in a rut with cooking dinners and things, as I always feel like I am cooking the same thing every week or two. I love cooking and I love learning and trying new things to cook! So when I spotted these small books in Morrisons during my grocery shop, I just had to pick them up as they were reduced to only £4 each.
A bargain as I spent £20 on them instead of £40, I wasn't going to complain and I thought I would treat myself after just getting paid on Friday...a reasonable decision I felt.
I have not had the chance to browse through all of them, but I know from peeking in them that I like the style and simplicity of the cookbooks and nothing extravagant that would be out of my tastes. I have managed to tab all the dishes from one book so far. 
This is my way of knowing where to go so that I don't have to spend ten minutes looking through things I am not interested in. I now no longer have an excuse to buy ingredients for the same things any more, it will be exciting to try new things...well that's if they turn out properly.

I had an amusing moment on Saturday morning, as I received the package of wool that I ordered on Thursday evening. Rather confused, looking at the package as it was quite small for ten balls of 100g wool. After opening the package up, I started giggling to myself as I seemed to have ten balls of 25g wool as you can see in the photograph they are definitely not 100g balls....that's what I get for not reading the description properly when ordering.
Thankfully the same colours are available from Sirdar in 100g, which I will order when I run out all these little ones. I am using these to make a double bed sized granny stripe blanket for one of my sisters for her birthday in August, I am giving myself plenty of time as I don't know how long it will take me to do a blanket this size. Also just in case I get a little bit fed up of doing it lots, it means I can take my time with it.
My last update for today is that Millie's Rainbow is nearly finished, I have completed all of the stripes and I am now doing the border...I am not sure if I will have finished it for Friday, you will just have to wait and see :D
Happy Sunday everyone!


  1. Yum, yum, new recipes to try! Your blanket looks as if it is coming on brilliantly. It can be a little perilous ordering online can't it?

  2. So many new books, wonderful. I love to try new recipes! My shelves are full of cooking books and I am using the same pink tabs to mark the best recipes! :)
    These little balls are so cute, this could have happened to me too!
    Your Millie blanket is amazing, the colours work great together!
    Have a nice week!

  3. I own most of the Love Food books - The Works sell them. Millie's blanket is gorgeous, Michael will be so pleased!
    Lastly, HURRAH for my blanket!!!

  4. Cooking books are so fun! I also subscribe to Martha Stewart's Everyday Food and Cooking Light. A year subscription is enough as there are tons of recipes.
    Good yarn is great no matter what yeah?
    Love your blanket; it's so happy and perfect for a baby.

  5. I hope you finish it by Friday! I would love to see the end result of the blanket :-).

    I love to cook, but sometimes I find it hard to figure out what to eat. Great that you found these books with simple recipes, I've some like that too!


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