Friday, 6 January 2012

Charity Resolution - Square A Week

Before I made this blog and got into crochet, I dabbled in some knitting at the beginning of 2011.....which led me to make some squares for Knit A Square Charity. It was this charity that got me into learning how to crochet, so I owe a lot of thanks to them. Although I shamefully only sent two packages last year, even though I said I was going to make them many many squares!!

This leads me to making a charitable resolution, that I will make at least one square a week dedicated to this charity!! I am currently making my first week square at the moment, and I shall figure out some button that allows me to tally my weekly progress.

I found this charity last year when I was going through a phase of wanting to do something productive in my life, that didn't require oodles of money (since I didn't have much myself). After a search on the internet on what charity benefited from my knitting hobby, and the Knit A Square website popped up, and all I had to do was knit or crochet 8 x 8 inch squares in any colour or pattern.

That is my decision made, and if I stick with it each week....I will be able to donate 52 squares over the course of the year, which will get made into many different blankets for poorly babies and children.


  1. That's an awesome goal Hazel and I will try to check in periodically to spread a little love and support to keep you motivated! My goal is to send one package a month, so we will see how that goes as well LOL! Not to mention blogging more consistently :o) Blessings to you and your's!

  2. That's a great aim! Im trying to use up all my baby yarn scraps to make preemie clothes at the moment

  3. Such a noble heart you have! This is a great charity and I sent a package once some time ago.
    Feelin' guilty as I didn't do any charity last year and should this year twice to make up for it.

  4. What an awesome and inspiring goal for the year---a square a week is so doable, and what an amazing result it will have! I'd heard of this charity, but never checked out their website. I have it open in another tab right now, thank you for linking! I'll definitely be considering making some squares myself this year.

  5. A great idea.i also want to do similar - satisfy the crochet crave by doing something good as well! Will check out the website or look around for something local.

  6. Good for you, that's a lovely idea. I to am planning to do a square a week but for more selfish reasons. I would like to make some charitable craft donations though so I will have to give it some thought. Thank you for the prompt.

  7. I know someone who did this - so I'm sure you can too - good luck!

  8. Super idea look forward to seeing the squares you make.


  9. what a lush Idea!


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