Sunday, 8 January 2012

Square A Week - Week 1

I have completed my first Knit A Square....although really it should be Crochet A  Square he he. I think my 2012 goal will be achievable as I have seven days to make one square!
I love that I have loads of different colours of wool, so I am thinking I may make them in this style but change the colour combinations. You never know, I might even make a little rainbow square he he. I am going to upload all of my squares to flickr, which means you will see all of my squares grouped together.

If you ever want to see how I am getting on, I am going to post every Sunday as you can technically say this is my Year of Projects :) Let me know if you ever decide to join in on the charitable fun too!


  1. Pretty colours! And good luck with your goal

  2. Brilliant, look forward to seeing the next one!


  3. I love what you've been doing and the square a week thing is a great idea for a lovely cause.

    I liked reading about your crochet projects since September too, it's amazing when you see all the things put together isn't it? It makes you realise how far you've come.

  4. Hooray for the First Square! I love the colours, and the way you've done the whole...block in the middle looks great. It will be so cool to see them all together on flickr, too. :D


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