Sunday, 12 February 2012

Eventful Dancing Weekend

There has been a lack of crochet this weekend, as I have been very busy socialising with people outside of my laptop. On Friday evening I went for dinner with Andy to Di Maggios, and on Saturday evening I went to Club Noir, a burlesque show which was themed 'Saturday Night at the Movies'.
We didn't go with the theme, but I had my favourite red polka dot dress on and I tried to do my hair to a vintage looking style with the flower accessory...not sure if I pulled off a vintage look, but I was happy! I guess this is another little thing that I enjoy going to, even if the drinks are overpriced!
There was a live band which were more 70's funk cop chase music, followed by a live dj who played a lot of my favourite 50's and 60's tunes that I like to dance to. The burlesque shows afterwards were very entertaining and I managed to capture a lot of good photographs of them. 
There are many more photographs, but these one are my favourites. I am hoping to go to the Halloween Club Noir, although I am having trouble thinking what I can dress up as (I have plenty time to think of ideas thankfully).
Just thought I would mention that I went to the show prepared, as much I love those shoes, my feet really really don't like high heels of any kind! This photo amuses me!
On the crochet note, I am in the midst of doing my week 6 square, I am learning a pattern that is a little bit more challenging that I had anticipated. I hope to get a photograph posted tomorrow night!!


  1. Looks like a great night, and you look very pretty and vintage-y!

  2. LOVE your red polkadot dress!

  3. You look fab, I bet it was a great night out.


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