Monday, 20 February 2012

My Place and Yours; Patterns

I am continuing the meme 'My Place and Yours' that Vic from Punky & Me had been running. Vic recently posted saying that she was putting her blog to rest, and since I really enjoy this meme...I wanted to run it in memory of her blog.

Let's show a little bit of patterns..
 It can be spotty, stripey, zig-zag...
....any pattern you can find around you in your home.

I never realised how many flowery patterns I have in my house he he.

Some guidelines for this meme..

All you have to do is link back here if you are joining in!
Take as many or as little photographs you want in relation to the theme, you can do it any way you want to, in any style you want to. You can write a lot with it or a little, its all up to you.
Lastly...visit the other people who may join in and let them know what you think of their posts.


  1. I love the flowers in the first picture! And is this a weekly meme with a theme for each week?

  2. Yes it was, so I will try and do it every monday :)

  3. I love the idea of this meme, but until the sunlight lasts into the evenings I'd only be able to join in at the weekends.

  4. Yeah, and you are all 'I don't really like florals'. It's genetic, you have to!


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