Sunday, 19 February 2012

Square A Week 6 & 7

As promised, here is week 6 square. I am quite pleased with it, and it is much more square shaped after blocking it. Learning new block patterns is pretty awesome, but the downside is that it takes more time and patience around my work schedule and social life (when I have one).
For week 7 square, I have been a very bad girl as you can see its not complete. I was intrigued to do a square with diagonal rows but it needs lots of time to make sure I have counted the rows correctly so that it doesn't turn into a funny shape. I am using my new 'Crochet 200 Blocks' book, and I definitely absolutely love it!
Now to leave my unfinished square behind to go out as Andy and I are meeting one of my close friends for lunch, as I don't get to see him very often...I have the excuse to leave my unfinished square behind, but I promise charity I will definitely have this complete at some point!
The squares I have made up until the end of February are going to get posted away, I may take a photograph of all those squares together before I parcel them up!

Hope you have all had a nice weekend, I have :)


  1. I do love the squares with puffy stitches in! Have you seen how many of the squares for the Beautiful Blogger Blanker of 2012 are being made from Jan Eaton's book Hazel? There are some beautiful really is a fantastic book! :)x

  2. Looking good! Have a great weekend.

  3. Square 6 is gorgeous! Love it!

  4. Looks great! I love the colours in the top square.

  5. I like that first square; it looks like you plucked it right out of a garden.

  6. I love both squares, but the red, pink, orange one is really outstanding.

    Isn't it such fun to learn new patterns?!


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