Saturday, 10 March 2012

Happy Birthday To Me!

Just a little post to celebrate my 25 years of living so far! It is the one time of year that makes me reflect back on my previous years, and where I have come to now!
Although I am really excited that I finally got one of these, a kindle, as I have been wanting one for a while now.  Not that I have had the chance to read it so far as my weekend is being very busy!!
I also bought myself the turquoise blue spotty dress as a birthday treat as well, I really know how to spoil myself don't I? I loved both colours that much that my fiancé's brother is buying me the red spotty one!! I don't usually go for dresses like these as I am very hippy and all bum, in a good way but I prefer to hide my hips and bum underneath a 50's tea party styled dress usually.
I also celebrated last night, pre-birthday session with lovely cocktails and a japanese meal! I got a big cocktail from TGI Fridays, it was called a Gremlin and it tasted like fruity sherbet! Yummy!
Today my Dad is visiting my house for the afternoon, and he is bring my sister Mary-Anne, her fiancĂ© Alan and my newest wee nephew Zak! Tonight I am going out with Andy's family for some birthday drinks (where I get to wear my red spotty dress!). Tomorrow I am meeting up with my sister Lisa, and she is taking me for a proper tea lunch at a place called Butterfly and the Pig...they do amazing High Afternoon Teas!! 

I am definitely really having a good birthday weekend and its barely even started :D


  1. Have a happy birthday Hazel! I know it will be a pretty one, since you look adorable in those dots. Hugs, Suzanne

  2. Happy birthday have a fab fab weekend. Dresses are adorable and loving the cocktail's.

  3. Baie geluk met jou verjaardag :-)

  4. Happy Birthday Hazel!!! I wish you a wonderful and happy weekend together with your loved ones!
    Love your new dresses!
    Hugs and kisses! Barbina

  5. Happy Birthday! Hope it is fabulous =)

  6. Many happy birthday wished to you! The spotty dresses look darling and the colors look great on you!

  7. Hazel! Happy birthday! :D And those polkadot dresses look stunning on you. Don't ever think that you have too much hip & bum to wear them! :)

  8. Hau 'oli la hanau Hazel!
    25? Girlfriend, you're a young gunette.
    That Gremlin looks delicious! I haven't been to TGIF in years. Glad you're celebratin' up in style w/'da ohana.

  9. Happy belated birthday! The dress looks fabulous!

  10. Happy belated birthday - hope you had a wonderful time!


  11. Happy Birthday! Congrats on making it to a quarter of a century =D


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