Friday, 13 April 2012

Being Busy

Things are still being busy for me, and I have only had time to focus on my sister's Sunny Stripe blanket.

Most of my week has been spent working or figuring out how my new phone works. I got an Android phone as I was getting fed up with my outdated blackberry. I have instantly fell in love with this new piece of technology I have as it enables me to do so many different things without using a computer!

To end my post I am going to share some of my photos from this week!

Can you tell I love instagram?! It is amazing.

Hope you are all keeping well fellow bloggers.


  1. THe Nutella picture made me laugh!

  2. I have not looked into instagram but I'm seeing it pop up everywhere so I think I'd better find out what it is!
    Your blanket is looking lovely.

  3. Im really excited for instagram on android too! It's so fun

  4. That dog is SO cute..Love that munchy face... l LOVE dogs..Cant you tell.. Like yr blog too..Best Wishes, Hahnsmum.. Aistralia..

  5. Obviously l Cannot spell either.. AUSTRALIA.. Goodness gracious.. Best Wishes, Hahnsmum..


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