Sunday, 1 April 2012


I have been on night shift for the past two weeks, and I haven't done much crocheting at all. Not enough to be worth sharing photos.

However I have been busy reading on my kindle and you can see this from my Goodreads page! I am also learning to drive! My first lesson was last week, and my instructor took me onto the main road straight away as I already knew how to change gears and use the clutch.
Currently I am doing one lesson a week, every Monday and I find it exciting yet very nerve-racking. I started learning to drive as I have been told several times that because I am in the science industry, a driving license will open many doors/windows for me. My goal is to have my license by the end of 2012, I am determined to have it!
Although my lesson tomorrow has been moved to Tuesday, as I am going to a speech/talk event by my favourite author Jodi Picoult in Glasgow tomorrow evening. I may steal my friend's idea and get her to sign the back of my kindle if she will be signing after the event! So excited!

I am thankful to be on dayshift for the next two weeks, so hopefully I will get back into crocheting as I will have more time for it. So watch out for more photographs of Sunny Stripe (And all those squares I am supposed to be doing!). I may even get to enjoy the sunshine a little bit more as well, since I won't be sleeping lots during it too.

Hope you are all taking care!


  1. its rubbish when real life take over your fun time isnt it?

  2. Good luck with your lessons! I love Jodi Picoult as well... I still have a few of her books I need to read. Never enough time to read, or sew, or crochet. =)

  3. I always say that too, I hate it when real life interferes with my hobbies. Good luck with your driving. I got my license at 16, most of us in the states do. I shudder to think how frightening of a driver I was and can't believe I never caused any accidents, that I know of anyway.
    Definitely have her sign the back of your Kindle if she is signing. How exciting.

  4. Just think though, you now have two weeks solid of 'normal' days where you can crochet! Enjoy meeting Jodi!

    I am very proud of you for starting lessons! I reckon we should have a road trip when you get your license?!

    Can I suggest you get her to sing your Kindle cover? If your Kindle breaks, Amazon may not replace it if it has been written on, they may count it as being tampered with.

  5. Good luck w/the driving lessons! Wow and driving a stick shift?
    I only know how to drive an automatic. My mum took me to a wide street to practice on. My dad took me to a lake's parking lot to practice reversing and parking.
    Have fun at the author talk.

  6. Driving is awesome isn't it? :) I'm sure you'll get very good at it very soon. And getting your Kindle signed is just briliant! You should totally do it :D

  7. I hate it when work gets in the way of crochet!!

    Aos, I've given you a bloggie award :D


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