Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Berry Burst Shawl and Yarn Along

I am making something new this week, a shawl for myself. I am using a pattern from Ravelry called Crovontuli which is shown in the photograph below.
I chose this one because of its lovely shape

Mine is starting with a lovely pink colour, but I am undecided on whether to keep it a nice solid colour or to use other shades of pink and purples...what do you think?
For the Yarn Along I have included the book I am currently reading on my kindle, "The Midwife's Confession". I have only just recently bought it, as I was recommended to read it. I am enjoying it as it is slightly different from the books I would normally read, and it is quite mysterious.

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Summer Tea and Crochet Party

This week has been very lovely with all the sunshine and warm temperatures, which I have enjoyed every moment of! I have been very busy this week, making the most of every opportunity when I haven't been working. On quiet evenings I have been continuing on with Sunny Stripe blanket or learning new crochet patterns, here are some photos to show you how my crochet is getting on.
Today has been filled with frothy tea and coffee, coffee cake and of course, lots of crochet! My sister This Girl is... aka Lisa, has been wanting to learn how to crochet for some time and we have finally had time to do a bit of crochet tutoring. What a lovely day it has been!

We had a lovely pasta salad lunch indoors, which was followed by some teaching of basic crochet stitches. I was flattered by how much my sister greatly appreciated me taking the time to show her these stitches, and she learned them very quickly! 

As we crocheted indoors, my brother-in-law Dave tinkered about in the garden and made a very rustic ghetto garden table in which we used for our 'outside tea, cake and crochet party'. Even the next door neighbour's cat tried to join in on the action. When we were outside my sister and I decided to have some fun doing little granny squares, and only having just learned the treble stitch my sister produced her very first granny square. I helped guide her through the technique by making my own granny square at the same time, to make it easier for guiding on what to do. Lisa made the blue square shown in the picture and I think it is excellent for her first one.

There will be future crochet tutoring sessions to be had, as she wants to learn more and she said she will show me how to make jam (I hope its bramble jam!). Crafting is very relaxing and such a fun hobby to share and spend time doing it with someone else. 

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Far Behind

It is now May, and my crochet mojo seems to be lacking again. I have only had the concentration for one project, which is my sisters sunny stripe blanket.

Even though i only have one project on the go, it is still way behind! Today is being dedicated to making this blanket at least 12 inches longer!


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