Saturday, 5 May 2012

Far Behind

It is now May, and my crochet mojo seems to be lacking again. I have only had the concentration for one project, which is my sisters sunny stripe blanket.

Even though i only have one project on the go, it is still way behind! Today is being dedicated to making this blanket at least 12 inches longer!


  1. It's growing!
    Have a look at Foxs Lane - encouraging us to do one thing a day in may...she's doing squares, and I'll be getting off my butt and do rows of my Great Romany Blanket :-)

  2. looking good so far!

    I did some crafting earlier today for the first time in 3 weeks - I had just been too busy working and studying so really enjoyed an hour to myself doing something just for me!

    Hope you enjoy the long weekend - weather isnt looking brilliant so a great excuse to sneak in some extra crafting time!

    Mind you, Im decorating the kitchen over the bank holiday, so perhaps my bit of crafting today is all I will manage...


  3. Looks great Hazel! I´m far behind too! I have to finish so many projects and so many ideas are waiting in my head. I wish our days could have 6 hours more! Have a wonderful Sunday!

  4. Good luck! It's tough to stay focused on indoor actiavities when it gets nice outside and the kid activities start adding up (well, that's my life). Good luck adding to your blanket! It is so bright and sunny. Just loving it!

  5. Its width is wide so no wonder why you've lost your hooky mojo since adding to its height does take a while. Sometimes you need a break to refresh, yeah?
    It'll come along as it will when it does. Don't stress.

  6. Wow, this is huge, I would lose my mojo too. Good luck. I remember a friend once telling me to always having something little on the go while doing big projects so that I would have a sense of achievement along the way. I had to laugh as I always have way too many projects on the go at once. But I did take her advice and make sure there is always a little one and she was right. Does make one feel better to get something done. I am trying to finish off all my WIP's this week and so far have managed a headband and a little cardigan in between. :-)


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