Thursday, 14 June 2012

Crochet and Sweetness

Currently I am working on three projects, as I like having alternating things to work on if I get a little bit bored with one of my projects. 
Sunny Stripe is steadily growing and I am confident I will have it to 80inches in height by August. The little circle in the top right photograph is a Christmas gift that I have started, although I won't be showing more of this as I want to keep it a bit of a surprise. Berry Burst is going to be filled with lovely pink and purple stripes, I love how they define the points in the pattern. It is only big enough to cover my shoulders but I am taking my time making it. 
The little pink carnation I seen in a little café, they are pretty flowers that always give me sweet memories of my mum as they were one of her favourite flowers.
After storming my way through the Shades of Grey trilogy, I have turned my attention to the Hunger Games trilogy. This is the second book, as I have completed the first book which I thoroughly enjoyed! It is nice to finally read different genres from paranormal fantasy which I am getting a bit bored with. I am happy to hear anyone's recommendations for other good books too!


  1. Two of these are for meeeeeee! You are the best sister ever.

    Also, I think of mum every time a see a pink carnation. Also daffodils. :)

    Have you read any Kate Morton books? I think you'd like them. Also try Anita Shreve, and Margaret Atwood. I have a few of each author's books, so you are welcome to borrow them!

  2. Projects are looking good! Chrissy pressies already! Very organised!

    I've just started the first book in the Curse Workers trilogy - White Cat by Holly Black and am really enjoying it!

  3. Lovely projects. I admire your organisation getting ready for Christmas already. I really should try that......I agree that Margaret Atwood is a wonderful author, and Kate Morton is a fun read. I also enjoy Susanna Kearsley.

  4. Wow you're organised! I haven't even started thinking about end of year presents for my daughters teachers and that's in a few weeks!

    Lovely projects btw.

  5. Lovely projects - I love the shades you are using for Berry Burst.

    I will agree with Lisa-Marie on Margaret Atwood. She is great.

  6. Lovely projects, I wish I only had 3 on the go. I have been very naughty and have far to many right now. I even started a coat a couple of days ago and got back into some cross stitch. I really must finish something this week. :-)

  7. Great things goin' on there.
    I'm itchin' to read my Kindle again but trying to plow through the paperbacks I've been passed. I can't read the same genre in a row. I get bored except Twilight. I didn't quite as hooked with the Hunger Games. But I'll finish the series some day.

  8. Ah, paranomal fantasy (urban fantasy?) I love it. But I do try and spread it out, like bag of popcorn inbetween heavier meals :D I've just finished Magic Slays by Ilona Andrews. Next up, I'm not sure, probably one of the Foundation books, if I can work out which one is the next in the sequence :-/

    I can recommend Song of Ice and Fire! Hadn't read any 'proper' (epic?) fantasy for years, but this has got me back into it. I also enjoyed the Soldier Son trilogy by Robin Hobb (


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