Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Fifty Shades and Charity

There hasn't been any crochet productivity in the past few days as I have been sucked into reading the 'Fifty Shades' Trilogy by EL James. I had seen these books before and never gave them much interest, but recently a few bloggers have mentioned reading them and it spurred my interest in them. I bought the three books from Asda on Monday (I forgot how nice it is to read a proper book that isn't my kindle).
The storyline totally sucked me in, even if it was quite cheesy and a bit filthy most of the times. I wanted to keep reading more! Needless to say I have read the first two books already, and can't wait to get into the third one. Maybe it is just the crackling connection that Mrs James has created between the two main characters, and I don't mean the erotic scenes! I mean the wit, sarcasm and humour that goes between them. It is definitely a romance story, which I have soft spots for, however it isn't your run of the mill romance story which also made me enjoy reading them. 

On Sunday I participated in the Race For Life in Glasgow, which I managed to raise a total of £75 for the charity! I done this with my friend Jade, and it took us less than an hour to complete it even though we walked the 5k. 
Next year I plan to do it properly by training for it, as I would like to run it (since the runners must have been finished before we even started!). I appreciated everyone who helped me participate in this event! 

I do plan to pick crochet back up, but it has been nice to do other things as well.


  1. I have read all three and cannot believe some of their 'antics'! She is quite flexible!

  2. yp I've been sucked into them too!
    congrats on your fundraising.

  3. oooh i've heard lots about those books too, maybe i'll give them a go.
    It's nice to have a break sometimes. Normally a break for me means I actually get some crocheting done.

  4. My auntie read those books and loved them. Said there was kinky stuff in it but they were super good.
    Awesome how you participated in that race. Good for you.

  5. While I like filth, I am not romantic at all. Plus I do all my 'reading' on audiobooks, and it's quite uncomfortable when you have to listen to someone read all the sexytime bits to you!!

  6. I keep looking at these books and will probably jump on the band wagon soon. Well done on doing Race for Life, such a worthy cause. Deb xxx


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