Monday, 18 June 2012

Hexipuff Knitting Adventure

Last Friday I spontaneously bought King Cole Sock wool and double pointed needles, I don't know what has possessed me! I am not even an advanced knitter, but those little hexipuffs are so damned cute that I demanded that I learn myself to make them.
Saturday night I started my hexipuff knitting adventure, re-learning how to cast on again (since it has been over a year!). Then I struggled to divide the 20 stitches onto the other two dpns, repeatedly dropping them because holding numerous needles felt awkward. When I got them divided, I slowly started knitting from one of the needles, halfway through the other needle decided to slip from all the stitches which left me cursing at the thing. I ripped all the stitches out. Start again!
By Sunday morning ripping out and starting again happened quite a few times, until the point Andy thought I was going to launch my needles across the room. What on earth was I doing wrong?! I stared at the pattern, trying to fathom why this was being so difficult. At this point I was really considering in giving up the whole thing, and just be content with crocheting.

Later on Sunday, the sock wool was staring at me and I knew I couldn't be defeated by this pattern or by knitting! I picked the wool back up and the three needles, and read over the pattern again. I spotted a mistake that I was making, in regards to the position of my tail (in the wrong place!). The hexipuffs seem to require a long-tail cast on, which I had never done before (hurray for YouTube).
Once I mastered the cast on, my hexipuff now seems to be growing. I didn't realise how tiny the hexipuffs are, which I hope will add more cuteness!

This little adventure that I am on has taught me one valuable thing, I am always going to be a crocheter. Knitting is just far too stressful for me! (I am already considering in using the sock wool for something else).


  1. I thought knitting would be too stressful for me forever too, but I'm coming around.

    I think your problem is the dpn. THROW THEM AWAY AND LEARN MAGIC LOOP. Then come back an thank me ;)

  2. I can' crochet but can knit, so maybe I can do this project (though I struggle a little with dpns)

  3. This made me giggle, I had the same problem when I started making them! I bought bamboo needles instead of metal (it helped me to make sure the stitches wouldn't slip off). Still I had so much trouble just making one hexipuff. No I make them without thinking about it and it made me fall in love with knitting.

    There is also a crochet version of the hexipuffs on ravelry, you should try that one if your done with knitting ;-).

  4. Your DPNs looks slippery. I use bamboo ones. It can be tricky to deal w/a small amount of sts on DPNs. When I'm CO for a toy, and have to start with 9 sts, I get confused about which is the right side and wrong side. Total quiet and concentration is needed for me to be successful.
    It will be awkward to handle DPNs in the first place but I think you'll eventually get it.
    Magic Loop is an option. I personally am not a big fan. It hurts my wrist to do ML for sleeves of cardis/sweaters. I prefer DPNs if it's managable.

  5. You can do it, I know you can!
    And those hexipuffs are gorgeous.

    I think you were probably having trouble because, um, knitting is hard and you were using 4 needles instead of one hook. This is roughly akin to proper magic in my world.


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