Saturday, 2 June 2012

The Story of May in Instagram

Taking Debs from A World of Imagination idea in showing instagram photos that I uploaded in May.

Me and Andy together.

My Knit-A-Square squares (I am about 12 squares behind progress).

Away out dressed all girly in the summer sun.

Learning new crochet stitches.

Having a crochet tea party with my sister This Girl Is..

Started a new project - Berry Burst Shawl

Making really good progress on Sunny Stripe Blanket!

Trying another new pattern called the wool-eater!Using these instructions!

Purchased these play mats to be my new blocking mats, thanks to Hilly T suggesting this idea in her post. Though she suggested Tesco, I bought mine from Early Learning Centre.

May has been very busy and productive! 


  1. It looks great! Lovely pictures and the shawl looks fantastic.

  2. Hi Hazel,great piccies, love the one of you ready to go out.The crochets looking great.Have a fab bank holidayxxx

  3. I am so pleased you deiced to get the blocking mats. I love the picture of you and Andy - he has nearly no beard!

    Lots of lovely crochet!

  4. Glad the idea was useful for you. Your crochet all looks great and I like the picture of you going out for the day!

  5. Lovely pictures! That shawl is going to be amazing!

  6. Gorgeous! Loving the crochet tea party. I must have one of those with my girls. xox

  7. As you know, I love your sunny stripe blanket and the progress on your shawl is great too. I'm really loving the colors you've used in your squares (I am way behind in my charity squares as well).

    Keep us updated on the Wool-eater. I had seen a group working on these this past winter and was super intrigued. They really look great in a number of color combinations!

    Love your new blocking boards. I have my kids' old alphabet foam blocks like those. They are great to use (and free because I already had them) but I think the squares are smaller and so I often need tons of them for average-sized projects.

  8. Great pics! You are so cute!

  9. Pls watch out for my Thursday post ;O); Sunshine is coming your way.

  10. Great pictures, and the shawl looks great, I love the contrast colour!

  11. Gorgeous photo's loving all the crochet projects, the shawl looks so pretty. I'm off to find you on Instagram now to follow you. Deb xxx


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