Sunday, 8 July 2012

A Quiet Week

This week has been quiet since I have been working night shift at work.
I have done a little bit of crocheting on Sunny Stripe, and I am down to my last bit of white wool. I have plenty of yellow wool left, and I don't really want to order more white as I am nearly finished, however it is still a bit short of the height I wanted for it. I may just finish the white then finish with the yellow and then border the blanket with it too.
I mentioned a new book in my last post, which is 'The Help' by Kathryn Stockett. I found the book in the Amazon Kindle store after I watched the film last Friday, as I was unaware there was a book version. I enjoyed watching the film and decided to buy the book as I know that the book usually has more detail to it. It has been very strange as they do match similarly but the film has been done in a different order from the book, but I am still enjoying it so far.


  1. If your run our of white, just stop where you are! It's you height, which means me height, which is big enough!

    I hope you enjoy the rest of The Help, such a good book!

  2. That is one book I need to read next.
    Yes, I think you should use what you have. Sunny Stripe is like a child-sized blanket and the baby will be able to use it for certainly a long time.

  3. i do like your blanket, the colour reminds me of sunshine & summer (which i think we need now!) so pretty

    enjoy the book, I've not heard of the film or the book, may have to read a review on that one :)

  4. I love your blanket!!!! Just want to say I read the book before the movie came out and I really enjoyed it! I think the book and movie are great! I hope you enjoy it!

    Your newest follower, Jaclyn

  5. I wouldn't like to work nights but I am glad you are using the resulting downtime as a way to fit in some crochet. Your blanket looks really pretty.

  6. Sunny stripe is looking good! I think if you border it in yellow it'll look great as it is!

  7. Happy crocheting and happy reading! I have The Help sitting on my bookshelf waiting to be read. The movie was great.

  8. Someone gave me The Help to read and I still haven't even begun. I have heard it is wonderful though!


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