Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Mandala Yarn Along

Hello there! Hope you are all keeping well and had a good weekend. I've been spending most of my time crocheting this little piece, the Overlay Mandala as a part of CAL. The CAL is being hosted by wink from a creative being, and she has also featured the progress of all the mandalas that are being made by everyone in post too. There are some people who have completed more than one mandala already and I am just doing round 21 of the pattern of my first mandala, only 5 more rounds to go! 
I am definitely doing a second one as I think it will be much neater, plus I want to use different colours too!! On another note I have recently bought Book Thief by Mark Zusak after hearing a few mentions of it. I did have a sample which previously put me off buying the book, as I wasn't sure about the narrating style. After reading it for a little while, it grew on me and I am now a few chapters in!
This kindle has opened up my eyes to the variety of different books there are out there, as I love how spontaneously you can buy something with it...I must buy at least 3 books a month on it. Don't get me wrong, I still love curling up with a proper book every now and then. I wonder if other book lovers are the same.


  1. Your looks nice. I was going to participate but haven't found the time to start. I should just sit down and do it.

  2. the mandala is super gorgeous. I really want one now. WAAAANNNNNNTTT. the colours of yours are speaking to me!!!!

  3. Your mandala looks wonderful Hazel! I love your colours!I don´t have a kindle yet, but I´m planning to buy one.
    Have a great week! xxxBarbina

  4. The mandala is great. So full in color and texture.
    I used to war w/paperbacks and the Kindle. After reading a book on the Kindle, I fell in love w/it. I like being able to look up words and to Google things. I don't really miss the feel of a paperback at all really.

  5. I love the colours you've chosen for your mandala and I think it looks neat! I started this pattern yonks a go, and have left it at my parents! Definitely going to pick it up again when I'm next their, I really enjoyed the new-to-me technique!

  6. I think your mandala looks really pretty. I would have loved to join in with the crochet along but as I have a stupid number of projects on the go already decided not to on this occasion, I love seeing how pretty they all are though!

  7. Amei as cores da sua mandala. Vai ficar lindo!

  8. Wow!! That mandala it´s soooo beautiful!! I´ve never saw anything like this!!1 I love it!!! Congrats!!!

  9. Hi Hazel, that mandala looks fabulous!
    I just went for a look at the other entries in the CAL and they made me drool, so many scrumptious works of art all together!!!
    I love crocheting mandalas and even turned one into a bike seat cover, if there's another mandala CAL I would love to join in!


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