Saturday, 18 August 2012

Overlay Mandala CAL

In my last post I mentioned that I am going to take part in a CAL (my first one)  that is being hosted by wink at a creative being.

I am doing my mandala slightly different from what the pattern states, as I am using Special Stylecraft DK wool with a 5mm hook. I thought it would be no harm in it being bigger, and it meant I had a variety of colours to choose from!

I bought the pattern on Monday from a lovely lady called CARO on Etsy, I started the pattern as soon as I got the pattern through my e-mail.

However my initial journey with this pattern was a bumpy one, as you can see from the photos that I had several attempts before being successful in getting past round 5 of the pattern. I tried crocheting with 4ply wool, but it was too thin for me to see what I was doing. Then I attempted it with chunky wool to allow me to practice the stitches and so I could 'see' what I was doing.

Friday came along and I sat being frustrated with the pattern, thinking I couldn't do it and that it wasn't fair since some lovely people already had great results with their pattern (talk about being sulky).

I wasn't about to be defeated, as I realised my problem with the pattern is that I found it difficult to find that first front loop that I needed to start. Using paper-clips I marked the first front loop of round 2, 3 and 4 as I wanted to be sure of where to start instead of guessing 'oh that must be where I've to go...maybe'. Since doing this I haven't looked back at rounds 1-5 and I am now up to round 14!!
I think once I have competed this, I will start another one with different colours. I plan to use this one as a cushion cover.

That is my adventures with the Overlay Mandala so far! There are other people joining in too, check out their stuff on the The mandala CAL pool page...lots of lovely work!

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