Friday, 31 August 2012

Some Little FOs

I finished my Overlay Mandala at the beginning of the week! I am definitely pleased with how the colours have worked together.
On the same night that I finished the mandala, I picked up my hook again and started the Little Miss Stripe set.
The scarf is finished and is currently being blocked, and I have two rows of double crochet to finish the hat. I am pleased to say that is a part one little person's Christmas present done.

I am very tempted to make a grown up version of this pattern for myself, using some wool that changes colour...a bit like Noro but something less expensive. Any suggestions?


  1. That would look lovely in changing wool. I used Rowan Colourscape Chunky for my Granny Shawl, but I think it is in the same price range as Noro when not on sale. Maybe some sock yarn with long colour changes? Schoppel Zauberball has really long changes, as well as Jawoll Magic Degradé or Lana Grossa Lace Print, but I don't know if any of these brands is available in the UK...

    1. Thank you for all the suggestions, I will have a browse to see if they are available in the UK :)

  2. Love your little finished projects! The colors are so pretty. Nice work!
    Eileen :)

  3. Gorgeous Mandala. I have to try that overlay. Beautiful. I like the hat and scarf too.

  4. The Mandala colors really do work beautifully together! And such a cute little hat/scarf set :)

  5. WOW, you're already crossing x-mas crafts off your list! I'm impressed! The stripes set turned out lovely.

  6. Love the mandala I've enjoyed watching it grow on instgram


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