Saturday, 25 August 2012

Sunny Stripe FO

I have been waiting to write this post for a little while now, but I chose not to show it until after I gave it to my sister.

I completed the Sunny Stripe blanket on 11th July 2012.
I started crocheting it in January/February this year as I thought it would take me until August to finish it, in time for my sister's 30th birthday.
I was quite pleased that I managed to crochet the blanket within 6 months. 
She measures 70 inches in width, and 60 inches in height. 
Just to show you the size of her I took a photograph with my kindle sitting up on the top right hand corner. I think it is the biggest thing I have ever crocheted and I am super duper proud of it!!

Happy Birthday big sis! 


  1. So you should be proud of it, it's so big and happy, I am sure she will absolutely treasure it!

    1. Oh she absolutely loves it, she put it on her bed as soon as I gave her it. Made me very happy :)

  2. Thank you best sister ever in the world! It is perfect!

  3. Thank you best sister ever in the world! It is perfect!

  4. congrats, you should be proud! I STILL havent made a blanket :(

  5. It is beautiful and so Lisa-Marie!

  6. My goodness! What a tremendous sized blanket. Pat yourself on the back for that one. Tell your sis she must take pics of baby on it, etc.

  7. Hazel this is fantastic! And so big!! Your sister will be thrilled to bits, congrats on completing it :) Thanks for all your lovely comments too, much appreciated :) x


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