Saturday, 29 September 2012

Blogiversary Giveaway Winner

My blogivesary giveaway ended last night, meaning I got to pick a winner today who gets lovely wool of their choice! There were 23 people participating, which was very lovely and I am glad you decided to join in! I decided to do my random pick the old fashioned way instead of doing the random number generator.
I wrote all the names out, folded them all up and put them in a little hat to shake them all about. The winner is Tanya from Tanya Today! Congratulations Tanya I will order your bubblegum shade of wool and get it sent to you after you contact me on Ravelry with your details! 

It has been lots of fun seeing what colours people pick, although I may be sneaky and order that Rainbow Fruit Chew for myself as well he he :)

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Rainbow Mosaic

Can you tell I have fallen in love with this project? It has been a week and a half and I have crocheted over 30 colourful hexies! I only started off with a few colour groups.
Then I joined them together, as it makes it easier to work with one piece instead of several different collections of hexies.
The only difficult part was attaching a pastel coloured section, as I felt my project was looking quite dark. But I am unsure of the pastel colours that I have added. I will keep going and hope the addition of other pastel colours will help!
To see who else is having fun with One a Day, visit Carole at Gingerbread Girl's blog!

Aside from hexagon crochet madness, Jess has been getting most of my attention. She is doing great I think, although I do feel like an over protective parent whenever she goes I worry she wont come back.
For now I know she is happy, here is Jess sleeping on my lap.

Blogiversary Giveaway
Don't forget to see what I am doing for a little giveaway, you will get the details here! Please do join in and don't forget to tell others too! It is open until Friday 28th September.

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

A New One A Day

Hello, that is me back with another One A Day project! Some of you will remember my last One A Day project...Miss Rainbow Blanket, which was a very spontaneous go with the flow project as I never knew what I was doing next with it.
The purpose of my new One A Day is to use up all of my colourful cheap wool stash, and I am going to crochet this project until every bit of this wool is gone!
If some of you are following me through instagram, you may already know what I have been up to he he. I have been making granny hexagons! I know, more granny crocheting! Aren't granny hexagons cute though?! To start with I am keeping similar colour groups together, and once I have many joined up then i may start joining the different colours together.
Blue hexagons
 Green hexagons
Yellow Hexagons
Pink, purple and red Hexagons

I started this project at the weekend and I have already completed 13 hexagons! I love how quick these are to make and join together. I am using the join as you go method, and it makes such a difference compared to individually making them and then sewing them or crocheting them all together afterwards!
Check out other's that are taking part at Gingerbread Girl's blog.

If you read my last post, you would have read that we found a stray kitten and that we were looking after her until we could find her owners, or a rescue for her to go to. Neither of these things happened, although one of our friend's did offer to take her if we became desperate.
Only we never became desperate about the situation, we became absolutely smitten with her and very attached. Andy called her Jess in the very early days of looking after her, while I kept calling her kitty. 

Could we say no to this little cute fluffball?
Absolutely not! 

At the weekend, Andy and I came to an almost silent mutual agreement that Jess is now part of our family. It's nice to have her company when Andy is out working, and vice versa.

Say hello to Jess!
You will probably see her popping up on my blog, instagram and facebook every now and then :D

Blogiversary Giveaway
Don't forget to see what I am doing for a little giveaway, you will get the details here! Please do join in and don't forget to tell others too! It is open until Friday 28th September. !

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Little Bit of Everything

This week has been slightly interesting as Andy and I have recently gained a new friend, a furry one. Andy spotted her a week ago in our garden, and we seen her more and more each day. I was concerned as she is quite young, I believed to be a few months old and this led me to feed her outside my house from Sunday. 
I think she is a domestic kitten that has went for a wander and has lost her way along somewhere. She seems to trust us and keeps returning, which I know cats do if you feed them better than their owners but she doesn't seem to go anywhere far outside our garden at all times now.
This morning I decided to call the local vets who gave me a phone number for Cats Protection and Cats Action Trust. I called both numbers and managed to get talking to a lady from Cats Action Trust, who said they could take her as she is a kitten. I was really sad to see her go this morning, but I thought it would be best as she could get a new loving home instead of being kept outside. 
However I just received a phone call from the lady saying she is an older kitten, and is too big to be kept in a cage and isn't making friends with their other cats. Now she is back, I am feeding her outside again and I don't know what to do.

Other than the kitty situation I have been crocheting the hat for Little Miss Stripe set 2, I think I like the purple set a lot more than the pink. Though purple is one of my favourite colours so that is maybe why.
I have also added a few more rows onto Glittering Stripes scarf, I think this one will take me a while as the rows are quite long.

Blogiversary Giveaway
Don't forget to see what I am doing for a little giveaway, you will get the details here! Please do join in and don't forget to tell others too! It is open until Friday 28th September.

Check out other WIP at Tami's Amis blog

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Reflective Yarn Thoughts

Currently wondering what I should do with all of my wool, I have quite a lot at the moment. I know this is nothing new for anyone who likes to knit or crochet....I am sure we all have this problem.
Half of my stash is cheap wool that I bought when I started learning to crochet, when I had no job and it was a comfort to buy cheap balls of wool for £1. However, now that I have a job I prefer to buy finer wool and all of my cheap wool has been abandoned in a bag since last year. 
Did others have this problem with cheap stuff, what did you do with it? I do want to use it up, but not on things that I would make for other people. I would greatly appreciate stash busting ideas, and this means I could have more space for really nice wool! 

I am not even going to try and count how many balls of wool that I have!!

Blogiversary Giveaway
Don't forget to see what I am doing for a little giveaway, you will get the details here! Please do join in and don't forget to tell others too! It is open until Friday 28th September.

Saturday, 8 September 2012

A Belated Blogiversary Giveaway

Hello lovely bloggers! 

I have decided in honour of my 1st blogiversary that I will be doing a little give-away! I have always been fascinated by Tami's Amis colourful yarn and now I am giving you the choice to win one of her lovely skeins from her Etsy Shop, Candy Skein.

What you have to do
  • Visit her Etsy Shop, Candy Skeins
  • Choose a lovely colourful skein of yarn that you would love to get.
  • Follow my blog and leave one comment with your choice.
  • Give-away is open until 11:59pm, Friday 28th September.
  • And lastly, spread the word!!
I thought I would let you know that my favourite one from her shop is the Rainbow Fruit Chew! Don't you think it looks amazing

Image taken from: Candy Skein Etsy Shop

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Addicted to Stripes

Glittering Stripes Scarf
I have started a new project, which is a scarf for myself. I don't often have motivation to make things for myself as I prefer to make things for other people. But after buying this wool spontaneously from Hobbycraft on Sunday. I couldn't resist picking up the hook and making this for myself.

I am using Sirdar Softspun Double Knit for this scarf in with shimmering black colour and a shimmering purple wool too. 

I have hooked on a second set of Little Miss Stripes in a variety of purple shades for another little one, although it has been briefly put to the side because of my Glittering Stripes Scarf.
I am using purples from my special stylecraft stash, as I seem to have plenty of them!

Apart from crochet, I haven't really been reading this week, as I usually do so at work. However work has been very busy and interesting, therefore no time to sit down to my book. 

Check out other WIPs at Tami's blog

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Happy 1st Blogiversary To Me!

It has been a full year today since I wrote my first blog post, where I am introducing myself into both the crochet and crafty world/community. Writing that post, I would never have thought to be at a point where I have 96 followers and over 13k page views, it humbles me. As I feel honoured that I get to share my passion with you guys, and read all about yours too!

I want to say thank you very much for being there for me, and for being my blogging friends :) *soppy moment*. I will need to consider a little blog give away present for one of you lovely people!

On another note, I subscribed to a magazine called The Art of Crochet! I bought my very first issue yesterday. It has been a while since I have collected things, and I think it will be loads of fun to collect this!
Also you get wool to make a different square from each issue, which makes up a lovely blanket. It will be so much fun to learn. This means I will have something else to show you guys every week hopefully.

Happy blogiversary to my blog! (Sorry for being over excited!)


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