Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Addicted to Stripes

Glittering Stripes Scarf
I have started a new project, which is a scarf for myself. I don't often have motivation to make things for myself as I prefer to make things for other people. But after buying this wool spontaneously from Hobbycraft on Sunday. I couldn't resist picking up the hook and making this for myself.

I am using Sirdar Softspun Double Knit for this scarf in with shimmering black colour and a shimmering purple wool too. 

I have hooked on a second set of Little Miss Stripes in a variety of purple shades for another little one, although it has been briefly put to the side because of my Glittering Stripes Scarf.
I am using purples from my special stylecraft stash, as I seem to have plenty of them!

Apart from crochet, I haven't really been reading this week, as I usually do so at work. However work has been very busy and interesting, therefore no time to sit down to my book. 

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  1. I love the wool in the first pics its lush

  2. Oh wow, that yarn is spectacular---I love the shine to it, it's so pretty and subtle at the same time. Great pattern for it, too, it looks wonderful. :)

  3. love the colours in that scarf - great sheen!

  4. Love the shine on the yarn in your scarf!

  5. It is extremely interesting how your Granny stripe scarf is coming out so far. The shimmer in the yarns is ethereal and magical.
    The little ones are so lucky to receive loving, handmade gifts from you.


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