Tuesday, 30 October 2012

One A Day - Rainbow Mosaic

Hello! I have been I missed out One A Day last week and I haven't contributed much to this weeks!!
I have completed nearly a full row since two weeks ago, and I have been very distracted by other projects. Some Christmas projects which I can't share, and some personal ones which I shouldn't have started as I am supposed to be doing christmas projects ONLY!! It just shows you that I can't resist the urge to cast on something new!
To see other One A Day projects, check out Gingerbread Girl's blog!


  1. At least you've got some done, i haven't really done anything for two weeks, lol. Your blanket is looking gorgeous, it makes me happy looking at all the gorgeous colours on this dark, grey morning. Deb x

  2. A little is better than nothing. I know the feeling since I have been doing the same. Once I sew a label on my mother's gift then a big box will be sent away to its new home full of 4 crocheted gifts. I am so happy I got them done so early this year and they will be well on time to sit under the Christmas tree far away. I am not there but my gifts are. :-) And I can sympathize with starting personal things too. I have only been crocheting for 2 years and love to keep challenging myself by trying out new things.

    How large are you going to make your blanket? Bed size?

    Hugs from Holland ~

  3. I really love it!!!! This hexagons are great and very colourfull!!! I love colours!!!


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