Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Gothic Holiday, Crochet and Beads

Last week I was away on a little holiday down to Whitby in England with Andy and one of our friends, and it turned out to be a lovely week away. We stayed at a cosy 3 bedroom cottage for the week, and it was great! Here are some photos of the living room, our attic bedroom, the kitchen and the little wood burner (which I loved to pieces!)                     

This is the lovely panoramic view from our bedroom window, I managed to capture this one morning. It was very relaxing to gaze out in the morning.
We chose to go to Whitby for the week, as there was a Whitby Goth Weekend where there were gothic, victorian, steampunk markets and stalls. There were many fascinating things to see, and it was amazing to see lots of people in victorian costumes.
On the Friday and Saturday night, there was entertainment at the Whitby Pavilion where live bands performed. I wasn't sure what to expect of this, as I was being stereotypical and thought it would be metal bands screaming but it wasn't like that at all!
I was going for the victorian gothic vibe while Andy went for the cyber punk style. This was a very common theme at the festival!There were even young children dressed up for the event! 
When I go next year I want to have a proper full outfit! Whether it be victorian, steampunk, pirate or something like this girl is wearing (stunning huh?).
Even though I went on holiday, crochet was not forgotten! I think being on holiday helped me crochet a lot more, as I crocheted in the morning before going out exploring and in the evenings when settling down. Here is a little bit of my holiday wool pornography!
Once I got home, I received some lovely beads in the post for making crochet stitch markers as I have been using paper clips to mark my stitches. This was hopeless since they kept falling out! My first attempt was using little star beads that I ordered, but I found them a little bit awkward to use because of the top point of the star. 
Then I used these lovely beads, and it has been less fidgety and the beads sit lovely. I found the assortment of purple beads on holiday, and I loved the variety of different ones in the little bag! No more using silly paper clips hurray!
I apologise for posting lots of photographs but I wanted to talk about everything as I have been away for the whole week, and can't wait to catch up with all the other blogs!

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  1. love the stitchmakers .the star one looks super cute

  2. Sounds like a fun time!! Lovely projects and the stitch makers are too cute!

  3. Oohh the yarn of your scarf is sooooooo beautifull!!

  4. Love those little stitch markers Hazel, I use a paper clip too :) loved your outfit too!
    Victoria xx

  5. love the crochet stitch markers!!! I've been meaning for quite some time to make some for myself, so yours are an inspiration!

  6. Sounds like such fun. Love the outfits! And what cute little stitch markers :)

  7. I can only imagine the festival was a lot of fun and very neat to take part in. I love your costume.

  8. Oh I LOVE lots of photographs. :-) The view is totally awesome and the outfits are cool. The yarn shots are yummy and your stitch markers are very cute.

  9. These photographs are so fun to look at, Hazel! You and your fiance are so cute and fun. I love how your stitch markers came out. Can you do a photo tutorial on how you put them together?

    1. Thank you, I could try doing a little tutorial on how I put them together.

  10. You look lovely! The cottage looks gorgeous as well. I reckon I could probably help you make a dress like that girls with one of your existing corsets.

  11. You look fantastic in your photo Hazel, what a lovely way to spend a few days! I'm catching up on my blog reading and am really impressed with all the lovely things you have been producing. You are certainly putting me to shame, I've been knitting the same scarf for a month.

  12. My comment is a little late, but this is a great post, I love your pictures!


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