Friday, 16 November 2012

Quickie Ta dah FO

Hello! Hope you are all doing well. Tonight, I have a finished object to show you! At the beginning of the week, I didn't even know I would have this FO considering it didn't even exist as a WIP on Wednesday. I know, I know, I am being all excited and cheerful.
Yesterday I decided to pop into my local wool shop for a browse, as I fancied a little treat. I didn't know what I wanted and I didn't know what I was going to make! The shop owner took the opportunity to tell me that she had the newest wool from Stylecraft, and I fell in love with this colour as it is a cerise/turquoise blend.

Last night I got it on the hook, crocheting a simple hat and not using a pattern. 
Then earlier this evening, I realised that my hat could potentially be a bowl. As I have seen bowl patterns before and thought they looked quite nice. Although I decided to keep hooking on, and I am glad I did.
As you can see....Ta-dah! My new hat, which I will get to wear tomorrow my first Christmas market of this year! Excited!!! I may get Andy to take more photographs tomorrow when we are outside!
PatternImprovised, simple hat with treble st.
Yarn: Stylecraft Harlequin Chunky
Hook: 6mm
I hope you all have a great weekend, to see more FOs pop over to  Tami's Amis blog!!


  1. That is one, cool colorway. Job well done, Hazel!

  2. That's some seriously pretty yarn, your hat is awesome!

  3. Love it! Multi functioning hat. I quite like it as a bowl too. ;-) Great colours and really nice hat.

  4. I love these colors, too. It looks great on you.

  5. Lovely Hazel! The yarn is gorgeous!
    Victoria xx

  6. Hello Hazel,
    Love your hat, it becomes you well!

  7. I like this yarn, it has beautiful colors and texture!

  8. Hazel, it's gorgeous! The colour variation has given a lovely stripe!


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