Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Hearts and Crochet

This is what I have been working on for the past few days, as it was supposed to be a Christmas present for Andy. Unfortunately I had too many projects on the go before Christmas, although I am hoping this may be an FO this week! 
For this project I am using the colours from the Ayrton Senna helmet, to make Andy his very own Senna scarf. 

Aside from crochet, I have recently decided to take part in All4meggymoo's 'I Love Hearts Swap'
Here are all the bloggers that are taking part in the Heart Swap, it will be fun to browse through some new blogs too!
All4meggymoo - Sparkle Accessories
Snatasha3 - Lissylou
Hazel (cupcakery) - All4meggymoo

I have been paired up with Gilly Makes, and her blog looks wonderful. I can't wait to start getting some ideas on what I can give to Gill!

Take care!

Hazel x


  1. Hi Hazel. Your scarf is coming along nicely. I'm sure Andy will be thrilled with it. I have just seen your hexie pattern blanket from your last post!!!! LOVE IT! Keep warm and have a great week. Love Katie xxx

  2. I love those hearts! I have made a few to give to kids who are dealing with the loss of a person. Something to hold on to but that is small...a tiny security blanket!

  3. Hi Hazel, the scarf is looking great! I saw the heart swap and wanted to join but I found it after the closing date :( maybe next time! I'll look forward to seeing what you make for your swap partner and what you receive too xx

  4. Hello Hazel, I am taking part in All4Meggymoos I love hearts swap ... yippeeeeee!! Its going to be such good fun!! Oh what to make and look for!!

  5. Very cool how your man appreciates your hookin' skillz!

  6. Love the scarf & looking forward to seeing everyone's swaps too :-)


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