Wednesday, 9 January 2013

WIP Syndrome

Hello, hope you are all well. I am currently feeling a little bit fed up and a little bit stuck in the rut with crochet. I don't really want to start any new projects, as I already have a few unfinished projects that I would like to get finished before I start new ones. Though my big problem is, I always seem to want to crochet BIG things that take forever to finish (I do still love those projects though). I do hope that I will manage to finish these projects this year.

My 2013 yarn resolution is to bust this stash, I'm currently using it to crochet my rainbow hexagon blanket. I love adding colours to my hexagon blanket, and think it will definitely help me use up some of these rainbow colours.
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  1. la mantita es preciosa, podrías poner el patrón del granny? gracias y un abrazo

  2. i haven't started any big things for just that reason - it would depress me to have to work on them forever :D

  3. Everyone gets the mid-craft slump, particularly with BIG things. Rather than crocheting more small things, maybe do another craft? I think the reason I don't get bored so often is that I vary the crafting I do quite often.

  4. I love your hexagon blanket!! It is going to be so beautiful when it is finished!! I actually do what Lisa-Maria above me here in the comments does. Because I love to make blankets and big, huge items (or complicated items) I tend to vary my crafts - crochet with knitting, sewing and weaving. Then, by the time I get back to the first project, I am more than ready to work on it again. Good luck!

  5. The hexagon colors are vivid and totally in your face. It's awesome. Yes, you do love those blanket projects, LOL.

  6. The blanket is amazing! I love all of the bright colours. I know what you mean about big wips though, I do exactly the same thing. I've got two sweaters I want to make but I want to reduce my wip list first otherwise I know I'll end up never finishing anything at all lol


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