Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Another Rainbow WIP

This week I have spontaneously started another project, with the ambition to use up more of my rainbow stash. It is getting busted very slowly with the little amounts I seem to use in my projects.
I need to make 49 of these little colourful beauties, and then I can border them with cream yarn. I am planning to make a cushion with them. 
This is how they will look when they are bordered with cream yarn, and I plan to make a plain cream square for the back of the cushion cover.
I don't think this project will take me too long to do, hope to have it finished in February!

If you want to see WIPs from other people, check out Tamis Amis blog!

This week I plan to wrap up the lovely goodies that I have gathered together for the I Love Hearts swap that All4meggymoo  has arranged for us to take part in. When I get the lovely things wrapped up, I shall take photographs of them before I mail them to Gill this weekend...and I will show you what the goodies are after Gill receives them! 


  1. Cute! Are they supposed to pop up like that? Either way, LOVE! x

    1. Yes they are made deliberately to pop up! Thats what I love about them!

  2. Very sweet. I like the way they pop up. :-)

  3. You are the queen of rainbow projects! This trend of yours is always so fun to check outnand read about.

  4. Love all those colours together & look forward to seeing the finished cushion. I've got my Crochet Class again this morning.... baby steps, but loving it!

  5. Lovely colours and the 3d effect of the flowers is great! I love patterns that do that :) Elisabeth x


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