Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Cobblestone Square WIP

Lately I have been working on these little 'cobbles' and I showed you last week that I was going to border them with a cream background. I had to make 64 cobbles before working on the cream borders, and joining them as I went along.

Here they are as little cobblestone squares, don't they look delightful?!! I am making a cushion cover with these, but I am tempted to make other things using these squares too. Though my cobbles seem to vary in 'puffiness' as I have used different kinds of yarn, but I think I like the varied effect.
I found the pattern through Colour In A Simple Life, and I bought the pattern from her etsy shop!

To see other bloggers' WIPs, check out Tamis Amis blog.

I will be back tomorrow to show you the goodies I got from Gill through the I love hearts swap that Shelly from All4meggymoo hosted!

Take care!
Hazel x


  1. Oh I love it! My grandmother had one of these blankets and I always wanted to make another one! Thanks for showing this!

  2. looking good, coming together very quickly :D

    I especially like all the ways you have found to arrange them (as I have seen on instagram :D)

  3. Love your cobbles! And looking forward to seeing a pic of the finished cushion cover.. unless you just carry on and make a whole blankie? ;-)
    Thanks again for my lovely goodies - the chocs are all eaten, and the rest is distributed around the house and looking fab.
    Happy Valentine's day!

  4. This is going to be one happy blanket! :-)

  5. These are such happy cobblestones! Their size is cute and their puffiness fun.


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