Sunday, 17 March 2013

Cobblestones and Daffodils

I know it isn't Friday and I am two days late with my FO, but today I was in the mood to take photographs of this wonderful item and share it with you finally! At the beginning of this week I got this cushion finished, and I am absolutely in love with it. It now sits proudly and colourful on my couch!
Only I have one dilemma, I love both sides as much as each other and I am now wishing that I made a plain back for the cobblestone cushion and made the rainbow granny square it's own. I know its a finished object, but I am very tempted to separate these two sides and make plain backs for both of them.

Recently I have been making things for other people, fulfilling requests and I haven't really been photographing them lots or talking about they aren't for me. I love that people are asking me to make them stuff, it means that they think I am good enough to make gifts for their loved ones or for friends! On Monday night I finished a scarf for someone, and the next day another person asked me to make a baby blanket for their makes me feel good :)

Last Sunday was my birthday and Mother's day, so I got these lovely daffodils for my mum since she has been gone for over 9 years now. These remind me of Mother's day when I was young, when my cousin and I used to pick daffodils from the fields near my old house. We used to pick that many that they were in numerous vases around the house. 
Hope you are all taking care!

Hazel x


  1. Love your new cushion, I can imagine you feel proud! Perfect colours.

  2. Wow, 9 years gone is a long time. I'm sorry your mum passed away so young. Hugs to you. Share more about her if you want to in your next post. I'd like to read about her.
    Your collage of this pillow cover is fantastic! I love it and can tell how proud you are of it. You are so patient to make gifts for ppl's requests. I love making gifts but get selfish as I wanna make more stuff for me.

  3. Beautiful cushion. I would also pull it apart and make the two backs. If you love it, its well worth the effort and then you will enjoy it all the more. I also love making gifts for people although the asking can get overwhelming if you always say yes to everyone. Sometimes I wish I had several pairs of hands so I could make more. :-) Hugs to you lovely xoxox

  4. Whoa there, that cushion is too, too nice, how will you decide which side to show??? I love the sort of pouffyness (is that even a word?) of the square centres...lovely stuff Hazel :o) xx

  5. I love both sides too lol this is so wonderful & the colours you used are great!

  6. LOVE your new cushion - just perfectly bright and cheery in this otherwise dull weather!
    Happy belated birthday too :-)
    Have a great week,

  7. Todos son maravillosos y un colorido precioso!

  8. What a gorgeous cushion, like you say both sides are beautiful. Have you got enough yarn left to do another one, so you can use both sides? Deb x

  9. I love the colors!! That's exactly what's needed for springtime. I would separate the cushion in two or... make another one!

  10. Wow, fabulous projects, I've just had a good old catch up on your blog and you've been very busy. Funnily enough I've just bought a fleece blanket to back a couple of cushion fronts I made just for the reasons you said!


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