Thursday, 4 April 2013

Baby Shawl Dilemma

Most of you will know that I recently started a white shawl, using a half granny square pattern. I started making this after someone requested me to make a baby shawl. For some reason, I had it in my mind that all shawls are sort of triangular shaped and took it upon myself to start this project. As I don't have the experience of motherhood and parenting, I thought this would be okay.
Anyway, lets get to the point...I want to clear up my own confusion and ask your opinions on baby blankets and baby shawls before I go any further with this shawl as I want to do it correctly. I would really appreciate your thoughts as for once a google search isn't helping me this time.

Take care,

Hazel x

05.04.13 Edited note - I decided to frog this pattern in favour of a round shawl pattern after speaking to my fiancé's mum about baby shawls :)


  1. Cute. I really am no help. Good luck with it. ;)

  2. It looks cute to me too. But I must admit I don't have a clear opinion on baby things, except that is must be soft and safe and easy to wash. I am no real help to you, sorry:(

  3. Sorry can't help on the baby front either, but I do think it's gorgeous!

  4. I would have loved to wrap one of my babies in that shawl (don't have babies anymore), and hope one day I have a grandchild I can make lots of lovely hand made shawls and blankets for. I think the mum will be thrilled :) xx

  5. I don't think there is a set way these days Hun. My little one is nearly 6 now but when she was little I did wrap ger in a shawl like above but she also had square wrap to.
    I think yours is lovely.

  6. I never wrapped my daughters up in a shawl. The piece was always retangular sized and then they'd be wrapped up like a burrito - swaddling. For babies, luxury is nice but in reality, spit up and liquid poop occurs and for tired, new parents, machine washable and dryer friendly is best.

  7. The shawl I used for my baby, on his christening day, was triangular and therefor easy to drape/wrap around him. Was crocheted, and it once belonged to my mum.

  8. redundant because I know you already frogged it.

    i guess it depends on the purpose of the shawl?

  9. Well typically baby shawls need to be more like ponchos..easily slipped over the head and drapes around baby without the need for pins or buttons or moms arms to hold it in place. The triangle would be more like a blanket/wrap so it depends on how it's intended to be used. But it's a lovely price and you've one a great job.

  10. Love the Honest diapers for my newborn. This particular box was returned since my baby grew out of this stage. Amazon has a great return policy. I had to call customer service for a question and the rep was really helpful. I'm happy with the experience.


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