Friday, 12 April 2013

FO Frustration


Today, I thought I would get my footstool cover finished....but it didn't occur to me that doing 42 rounds for the sides would take longer than I anticipated. Currently I am only on round 7, so it seems this will be a FO for next Friday. Very frustrating since I feel like I crochet ALL the time and I get very few FOs.

On my way home from work this morning I was thinking that all of my WIPs are usually larger projects, so I need to start making some small ones!! Does anyone recommend small projects that I could do?

Since I don't have any photos of crochet to show you today, I thought I would let Jess say hello! Thank you for all the people that persuaded me to keep her! Couldn't imagine my life without her now.

Take care and have a good weekend,

Hazel x


  1. Hello Jess! Wink, wink! :-)

  2. Awe hello jess.
    How about a little mouse toy for jess? Stuffed with normal stuffing but just a little cat nip too.

  3. Your kitty's fur is so beautiful. Do you dry shampoo her? I think back in the day I would actually give my cats a bath.
    I'm sorry you're frustrated as you were so excited about that footstool cover. It'll be worth it tho next week.
    Hookin' small projects? Toys? Hat? Granny Square scarf?

    1. Oh, we use pet wet wipes on her and brush her she cant stand the bath. I am still mega excited about my footstool cover, can't wait to get it finished

  4. Hope you get it done soon!
    p.s. you have a gorgeous cat.

  5. Jess is gorgeous! I have a soft spot for long haired cats and black and white cats so she's the perfect cat for me :) Can't wait to see your footstool. I know what you mean about the FO frustration, sometimes I think I'll get a project done in no time at all and it takes far longer than I had imagined. My last shawl turned out to be the exact opposite though, it worked up much faster than I had thought which was a lovely suprise :) Have a great weekend!

  6. Please don't hurry but enjoy your crocheting:) Your pouf will be stunning anyway and your cat is a cutie. Have a lovely weekend!

  7. I think you should do a little cute bonnet for Jess :)

  8. You have to think of it as being about half a blanket!

  9. Oh she is just lovely. I awoke this morning to a purring cat in my face. Gotta love it. (although I really don't love the drool that comes with it) LOL My daughter is off on a cruise so her kitten has been spending a lot of time in our room this week. I hear you on the not finishing much thing. I have so many works on the go that it can get a little overwhelming and this week my fingers are hurting when I hold the hook too much. Drives me nuts when that happens. As I am going through my blog reader backwards, from my perspective, I saw you finished something a few blogs posts ago. LOL I try to do a few little projects in between when making a lot of big ones. It does give you that little sense of satisfaction to have something done. 42 rounds is a lot of rounds. Hugs xoxox


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