Monday, 1 April 2013

Half Square Granny Shawl

Last night I decided to have a browse through Ravelry for some inspiration for a new project, even though I have two on the go already. A girl at my work is expecting to have a little baby in July and she has asked me to make her a baby shawl, as she said it is not very common to get knitted/crochet items these days. Of course I said yes and not even knowing in the slightest how I would make the shawl, but I figured it would be nice to crochet something different.
The pattern I found on Raverly is a Half Granny Square Shawl by Anastacia Zittel. Unfortunately I am not doing in these rainbow colours, but you can see why I am attracted to this. As most people know that I love granny patterns, and I thought it would be suitable to make a white shawl with this pattern.
This is the progress I have so far already, and I am hoping to get it finished quite quickly as there are no colour changes and no joining parts together. Simple!

Take care and have a Happy Easter everyone!

Hazel x


  1. O xale colorido é lindo, mas tenho certeza que você ter escolhido o branco vai torná-lo mais versátil.
    Vai ficar lindo, também.

  2. What a brilliant different idea instead of a big blanket! Can't wait to see your all white version.

  3. A baby shawl will be so cute! You have a great start on this.

  4. you'll knock that up in no time!

    LOL@ two projects on the go. how do you manage? i have at least 10... actually.. it's causing me lots of stress. i wish i could be like you!!

  5. The rainbow shawl is beautiful but a baby shawl in white with tassles would be prettier.


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