Monday, 8 April 2013

Inspiring Pins

Every once in a while I like to share pins from Pinterest that I find inspiring.

The last pin is what is giving me the inspiration in choosing the colours for my granny square blanket WIP, although my colours are slightly different but I wanted it to be as cheerful as this one. As for the other three pins, I would love to try them for myself at some point!

Have you made any projects with Pinterest inspirations?

Take care,



  1. The granny square project bag is a great idea! I love the colours too. I find pinterest so inspiring - I've used 2 pins from there to upcycle old clothes into useful thing recently. I have a huge list of pinterest projects I want to do but I know I'll never find the time to do all of them :)

    1. That is the hardest part about crafting, is having so many ideas and not having the time to do them all!!

  2. Great pins, Hazel. You make me wanna hook up more Granny things for our place to yarn bomb it.


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