Friday, 10 May 2013

Ta-dah - Granny Footstool

A while ago I started this footstool cover, thinking I would complete it rather quickly and instead it has taken me a month to do. Nevertheless, I absolutely love it and I think even Jess loves it too! I got the inspiration to do a footstool cover after seeing some crochet covered ones on pinterest, and I thought that would be a fun project to do. I bought the footstool from Dunelm Mill, a little cheap one that I could make all pretty. On the same day I started to crochet a granny square to match in size with the top of the footstool, and after that I have just been working on the rounds to cover the height of the footstool (this part took forever!).

Now I can put my feet up on the loveliness while I am crocheting away at my granny star shawl, which I am going to do just now.

Take care and have a good weekend!

Hazel x


  1. It is really pretty and colourful!

  2. Love the rainbowness below :-)

  3. Congratulations with your footstool cover. I know it was a large project but it looks beautiful, well done!

  4. It's really really lovely. Well done.
    M x

  5. It's lovely :) I bought a couple of pouffe's a while back with a view to doing something similar. I love how yours has turned out, hopefully it will inspire me to get working on mine at some point too!

  6. That is really nice! I'm really liking the rainbow and white color mixes I've been seeing lately. I think it is kind of a great way!

  7. what a great idea! Looks great with all the bright colours!

  8. It's great! I have thought of doing that, but haven't found a cheap enough footstool yet. I like the colors a lot!

  9. The stripes at the bottom really ground it - good thinking. Also very sensible to have the colours on top where the feet are to go :) Looks great, although when you originally posted about it and were talking about it as "quick" I did kinda wonder how fast you could bash out four sides :)

  10. what a fabulous idea. A month seems pretty short to complete it!

    1. Thank you, I did spend a lot of time with this project as I could crochet each round while I was watching tv. Maybe I am just impatient as it felt like forever to me he he!

  11. I really love this project. The white with the rainbow of trademark Hazelmcolor is so fresh. You definitely should be proud od this.


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