Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Things I'm Hooking

My footstool cover is nearly finished! It has taken me a lot longer to crochet this project than I originally planned as I hadn't counted the fact that it is like crocheting a blanket. It is what is on my hook tonight as I am hoping to finish it this week. I only have 6 rows before it is completed!!
The granny star baby shawl is a very new project which I started at the weekend after I discovered that I don't enjoy granny circles very much....not on the blanket scale. I got the inspiration for the granny star blanket after browsing the internet, although after doing a search for the pattern I found out it is not a free pattern. This resulted in a pinterest search for a very clear photograph of a granny star so I could figure out the pattern it isn't very complicated to do...naughty me!
My granny square blanket is slowly growing bigger in the background, but I am not in a hurry to get this one finished as I only hook it whenever it takes my fancy.

Aside from hooky fun, I have bought myself the sewing machine that I wanted and mentioned before in a blog post. I got it all set up at the weekend and tried the stitches out on an old pillowcase. I was really pleased to see that I could work a sewing machine, and I can't wait to start some sewing projects. Although I am a bit overwhelmed by the prospect of starting a sewing project as I am not sure what to make, where to get fabric from, or if I have all the sewing essentials to do sewing projects. I would appreciate any advice and websites that I could benefit from on my sewing journey! 

I think I am going to go back to hooking my footstool cover a little bit more.

I hope you all take care,

Hazel x


  1. Its all looking fabulous over here Hazel :)

  2. Oh ... it all looks fabulous!! I love the sewing machine I have been doing a dressmaking course recently which has made me want to dust off my machine and sew something ... but now the only question is ... what to make!! x

  3. That footstool cover is coming out wonderfully! It was really neat to see all of your hookin' pride on your couch. What a nice sewing machine you've picked up for yourself. How fun to break it in.

  4. You're sofa looks fab as does your footstool!

  5. Lovely projects! I especially love the foot stool. I should get you down here to cover my dining chairs. (the kitten has killed them. LOL) Seriously thought it looks AWESOME! Congrats on the sewing machine. I have still not had much time to play with mine. I am hoping to remedy that real soon though. Can't wait to see what you create. Hugs xoxox

  6. Your projects are looking fab, love the footstool. I have been looking at a nice website recently called tilly and the buttons, the girl whose blog it is was on the great British sewing bee. Lots of inspiration especially if it's clothes you want to sew...
    M x

  7. I love your footstol. You are so clever.

  8. that footstool is just gorgeous! You inspire me to crochet more. It really does look beautiful.

  9. Your projects all look beautiful, the footstool is great. Good luck with your new sewing machine!

  10. Wow, lots of hooking going on there! Love all your colours too. Welcome to the world of sewing - I'd say start with something simple with straight line sewing and you'll progress from there in no time. Some of the crafty mags usually have fab ideas and good instructions.
    Have fun playing with it!


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