Sunday, 2 June 2013

Gifts From Gilly

Recently I won a giveaway from Gilly at gilly makes, which included a beautiful crochet hook holder handmade by Gilly herself and the lovely Hip Crochet book by Natalie Clegg. I was so excited to open my package to this lovely purple paper and Owl tag.
It was really cool to look through this book, anticipating all the patterns that it has and deciding which ones are my favourites!
I picked out a favourite instantaneously, here is a peek at the blanket pattern I like....are you surprised?! It is so pretty. I have taken more photos of other patterns in the book, if you would like...I could do a little review on the book? Just let me know.

The handmade crochet hook holder is beautiful! I love the colours on it, they are so me! Gilly knows me so well he he!
Gilly also attached this cute ribbon which is so pretty as a bow, I really can't believe this beauty is mine!
The inside is all cute and spotty, and the spaces are big enough to store a lot of crochet hooks.
My most favourite little touch to it all is the little tag that she has sewn on the inside to personalise it, 'made with love by Gilly'.
Thank you Gilly, this package definitely made my week!

Take care

Hazel x


  1. What a lovely giveaway gift! Love the hook holder, it's very pretty. I would love you to do a review of the book please? The blanket you like looks gorgeous.
    M x

  2. Lucky you. The hook holder is AWESOME! I also love the tag. Just lovely. Enjoy xoxo

  3. congrats! what a great little surprise!

  4. What a terrific gift! She was clehook with that hook holder creation.

  5. Congratulations!! such a lovely gift ... enjoy!! x

  6. Congratulations! The hook holder is so pretty. Enjoy! Oh, and I would love a little book review if you get the time :) xoxo

  7. Goodie, glad you like it :-) Happy hooking! Xx

  8. Hazel, I've been trying to add your blog to my Wordpress dashboard but when I try to add by URL, I get a message that there is no RSS or Atom Feed for Hazel's Crochet. Any suggestions on what to do? Or can you add the Email Subscription box to your sidebar so I can sign up for updates there?

  9. What a gorgeous gift! Have to say that the blanket looks like a winner, can't wait to see what you will be whipping up!

  10. Mahalo Hazel for adding the email subscription box!

  11. Lovely goodies Hazel, I would love to read a book review :)


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