Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Granny Patch Baby Blanket

Last week I forgot to post my One A Day progress, so this week I am showing you two weeks progress....It still counts, right? A week ago I had a total of 20 squares completed, and 19 of them joined together.

This week I have 28 squares completed, with 23 of them joined together. Hopefully this means another three weeks and all the squares could be completed and joined together, awaiting to be fully bordered!

After I complete this, I will have no projects a part from my sideline granny square blanket! Yay!

Check out Gingerbread Girl's blog for more One A Days!


  1. Love your granny patch baby blanket Hazel,xxxx

  2. Still loving these's just so gorgeous!!! The combo is gorgeous!

  3. Blanket looking fab. Great colours.
    M x

  4. You're doing really well with it!

  5. Now Baby dry size 3 is too small for my son, because he grows so fast. In the hot days he will continue to use cooler baby dry, size 4. Hoever when it turns cool or cold in fall or winter, he maybe like other diapers. I think the honest dipers will be good one for him at that time.


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